EDENLINKS Hosted by CumbriaFHS

This is a website of local history and genealogical information for the ancient county of Westmorland (in Cumbria, England).
As the www.edenlinks.co.uk site is no longer on line, Les Strong has kindly given the Cumbria FHS permission to reproduce the content of the site here.

For the moment it is a simple restoration of the archive image from the wayback machine, so some items may be missing.
Over time the contents will be checked and integrated into the main Cumbria FHS website, though this will take some time as there are other priorities.
In the meantime if you find any problems please contact the webmaster via the contact page on the main website 

Westmorland Villages 
Here you will find a history of each parish in Westmorland, plus trade directory information, and much else. 
It is recommendeed that you access these parish pages from the interactive clickable parish map interface on the parent www.cumbriafhs.com website.

Acknowledgements to Les Strong, EdenLinks and Westmorland Villages