Westmorland Villages

Kendal Parish Index


POST-OFFICE, Lowther Street, Mr. Myles Fenton, Post-Master.

The South Mail arrives at 1 morning, and is despatched ¼ before 12 night.

The North Mail arrives at a ¼ before 12 night, and is despatched at 1 morning.

The Mail to Whitehaven, through the Lake District, Ambleside, Grasmere, Keswick, etc. arrives at 11 night, and is despatched at 2 morning.

A Horse Post to Sedbergh,* Dent, & Hawes, daily, dep. 10 min. past 2 mng.; arr. 7 evg.

MISCELLANY – Consisting of the Names of the Inhabitants not arranged in the Trades’ Lists, with the Residences of the Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Abbatt Wm. gentleman, Stricklandgate

Aikin John, currier: h. Jackson’s yard, Highgate

Archer John, coachman, Stricklandgate

Atkinson Mrs. Ann, Atkinson’s yard, Finkle street

Atkinson Miss Elizabeth, Highgate

Atkinson John, manufacturer; h. Stricklandgate

Atkinson Joseph, manufacturer; h. Green Bank

Atkinson Robert, gentleman, Highgate

Atkinson Thomas, gentleman, Kirkland

Atkinson Tobias, gentleman, Highgate

Bayliffe Mr. Edward; h. Kent terrace

Backhouse Geo. Stamp office, Stramongate

Banks John, brewer; h. Lowther street

Bainbridge William, banker’s clerk, Entry lane head

Barrow Mrs. Mary, Market place

Barrow Miss Ann, Highgate

Barton John, Esq. Highgate

Barker Geo. Surveyor of taxes, Thorny hill

Bateman Nathaniel, gent., Kirkland

Bellingham Mrs. Mary, Stramongate

Birkett Mr. Thomas, Kirkland

Benson Robert, wholesale grocer; h. Parkside

Best Thomas, commercial traveler, Rawes yard, Wildman street

Bolton Samuel, painter; h. Castle street

Bolt Mr. Edmund, surveyor of Kendal and Ambleside road, Stricklandgate

Bousfield Mrs. Isabella, Thorney hill

Bowman Thomas, permit writer, Castle st.

Braithwaite Mrs. Eleanor, Stricklandgate

Braithwaite Isaac, drysalter; h. Highgate

Braithwaite James, coachman, Atkinson’s yard, Highgate

Bridge Thomas, gentleman, Kirkland

Branthwaite Richard, printer, etc. ; h. Lowther street

Branthwaite Michael, printer, etc. ; h. Lowther street

Brinnan Thomas, mfr.; h. Chapel row

Broadbent John, gentleman, Kirkbarrow house

Burton John, assistant overseer, 3, Caroline street

Busher Mrs. Mary, Kirkland

Butterworth John, shopman, Sand area

Burton Ralph, currier ; h. Jackson’s yard, Highgate

Carr Jonathan, wholesale grocer; h. Kent Terrace

Carradus John, police officer, White Lion yard

Carter George, woolcomber, Stricklandgate

Carter Mrs. Elizabeth, Highgate

Case Mr. Matthew, Kirkland

Clark Thomas, warehouseman, Berry’s yd., Finkle street

Cookson Wm. foreman, Rawes yard, Wildman street

Cornthwaite Roger, gentleman, Castle st.

Colebeck Henry, patent candlewick engine manufacturer, Carr’s yard, Highgate

Conway James, ivory comb manufacturer ; h. Berry’s yard

Compston Mr. John, Highgate

Coward Mrs. Jane, Kirkland

Coward Wm. gentleman, Stramongate

Crewdson Wm. Dilworth, Esq. banker: h. Helme lodge

Crewdson Wm. D. jun. Esq. banker; h. Highgate

Crosfield Mrs. Agnes, Thorney hill

Daley Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, Sand area

Davis Mrs. Jane, boarding house, Mkt. Place

Davidson Mrs. Euphemia, Stramongate

Davison Mrs. Agnes, Highgate

Dawson Mrs. Elizabeth, Highgate

Derome Matthew, marble mason, Stramongate

Dent Robert, mfr.; h. Stramongate

Dent Mark, warehouseman, Coward’s yard, Highgate

Dent Mrs. Mary, Stricklandgate

Dickens Mrs. Hannah, Beast bank

Dickinson John Willison, gent. Highgate

Dickinson Mrs. Mary, Hallow lane

Dickinson John, coal agent, Craven’s yard, Stricklandgate

Dixon Mrs. Elizabeth, Stricklandgate

Dixon Lieutenant Francis, House of Correction hill

Dixon Capt. Thomas, Cambridge Militia, Correction hill

Dixon Mrs. Ann, Castle street

Dowker Mrs. Dorothy, Stricklandgate

Driffield Hy., excise officer, Nag’s head yd.

Dunn George, draper, Castle street

Edgar Mr. John, Highgate

Edmondson Isaac, commercial traveller, Castle street

Elleray Robert, tanner; h. Kirkland

Ellwood Robert, (boarding house) Berry’s yard, Finkle street

Faithfull Rev. Ferdinand, A.B. curate of St. George’s, Hill house

Foladori Catherine, draper, and licensed hawker, 11, Caroline street

Farrer Robert John, master mariner, Stramongate

Fawcett George, farmer, Birkhagg

Fawcett Mrs. Ann, Highgate

Fawcett James, governor of House of Correction

Fawcett Rev. Joseph, incumbent of Natland, and curate of Kendal, Highgate

Fell Chpr. Merchant, Chapel row

Fenton Mrs. Jane, Kirkland

Fenton Wm. gentleman, Highgate

Fell Mrs. Bridget, Lowther street

Fisher Miss Mary, Highgate

Foster James, wood hoop manufacturer, Peppercorn lane

Foster Jeremiah, Sedbergh post man, Castle street

Fothergill Mrs. Elephant yard

Frankland Mrs. Margaret, Thorney hill

Gandy Thomas, gent. Far Cross bank

Gandy James, woolen mfr.; h. Stricklandgate

Gandy James, jun. Woolen mfr.; h. Stramongate

Gandy John, drysalter; h. Stricklandgate

Gawthrop Richard, Esq. Highgate

Godman Miss Ann, Highgate

Goff Mrs. Elizabeth, Highgate

Gough Mrs. Mary, Fowling house

Gelderd Wm. tanner; h. Aikrigend

Gill Miss Ann, boarding house, Kirkland

Grant Effingham Howard, gent. Highgate

Greenhow Mrs. Ann, Kirkland

Greenhow Richard, woolen mfr.; h. Castle lodge

Greenhow Thomas, gentleman, Highgate

Greenwood Mr. John, Stramongate

Guy Mr. John, Stramongate

Hadwen Mrs. Agnes, Highgate

Halhead Mrs. Ann, Beast bank

Hall Mrs. Ann, Kent terrace

Hargreaves John, wiredrawer; h. Lound

Harling Mr. James, Kirkland

Harrison Mrs. Ann, Highgate

Harrison Daniel, Esq. Sand area, Stramongate

Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth, Stricklandgate

Harrison Mr. James, Thorney hill

Harrison Rev. John, Unitarian minister, Finkle street

Harrison Miss Susanna, Highgate

Harrison John, worsted spinner; h. Far cross bank

Harrison John, worsted spinner; h. Highgate

Hayton Bryan, spirit merchant; h. Old Post-office yard, Highgate

Heelis Thomas, solicitor; h. Highgate

Hindle George, gent. Kent terrace

Higgins Mrs. Elizabeth, Lowther street

Hodgson Mrs. Thorney hill

Hodgson Jonathan, hosier; h. Stramongate

Hogarth Mr. John

Holden Mrs. Anna, Highgate

Holgate Mrs. Jane, Stramongate

Holliday Mrs. Ann, Beast banks

Holme Mr. Edward, Market place

Hubbersty Mrs. Susanna, Lowther street

Huddlestone John, mfr.; h. Lowther street

Hudson Rev. John, M.A. vicar of Kendal, Vicarage house

Hudson Mrs. Garth cottage, Beast banks

Hudson John, parish clerk & assistant overseer for Kirkland, Kirkland

Hunter Miss Jane, Highgate

Ireland Jacob Giles James, mfr.; h. Lowther street

Ireland John, gentleman, Lowther street

Ireland John, jun. Mfr.; h. Stramongate

Jackson Miss Eleanor, 16, Strickland place

Jackson Mr. John, Stramongate

Jackson Mrs. Maria, Kent street

Jackson Mary, slate pencil mfr. White Lion yard

Jackson Thomas, gent. Far cross bank

Jackson Wm. coachman, Stricklandgate

Jennings Mrs. Anne, Hallow lane

Jennings John, sexton, Kirkland

Johnson John, hosier; h. Kent terrace

Jolly Wm. draper and licensed hawker, Stricklandgate

Jones Rev. David, Independent minister, Chapel row

Kendal Mrs. Jane, Stramongate

Kirby Thomas, supervisor of excise, Berry’s yard

Knipe Mr. Christopher, Brumwell’s yard, Highgate

Lambert Miss Ann, Kirkland

Lambert Josias, gent. Helsington laiths

Leece Miss Elizabeth, Stramongate

Lough Richard, commissioner for taking special bail, Hallow lane

M’Closkey Bernard, Irish linen dealer and licensed hawker, Woolpack yard

Machell Mrs. Mary, Stramongate

Mann John, governor of the workhouse

Mallinson John, dealer in woollen cloth, Stricklandgate

Mallon Mrs. Elizabeth, Philipson’s yard

Maude Mrs. Sarah, Highgate

Maude Thomas Holme, Esq., Stricklandgate

Moor Rev. Wm. Kirkland

Morris Isaac, optician, Highgate

Moser Jacob, gent. Castle street

Moser Roger, solicitor; h. Highgate

Myerscough Simon, carrier’s agent, Lowther street

Newby Thomas, gent. Kent terrace

Newby John, gent. Kirkland

Nicholson Mrs. Frances, Stramongate

Nicholson Mrs. Hannah, Stramongate

Nicholson William, hosier; h. Nag’s Head yard

Noble Mrs. Elizabeth, Stramongate

Parkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, Stramongate

Parlour Mrs. Agnes, Castle street

Pennington Robert, gent. Far Cross bank

Pickett Mrs. Highgate

Postlethwaite Rowland, spirit merchant; h. Gibson’s place

Prescott Rev. Richard Peter, Methodist minister, Chapel row

Rawes Wm. excise officer, Kirkland

Rawsthorne Wm. cart cover maker, Peppercorn lane

Read Mr. Roger, Shaw’s yard, Stricklandgate

Redman Mrs. Jane, Stramongate

Redpath Wm. excise officer, Union bldgs.

Relph Miss Elizabeth, Highgate

Richards John, gentleman, Kirkland

Richardson William, traveling draper & tea dealer, Redman’s yard, Stricklandgate

Robinson Mrs. Agnes, Far Cross bank

Rigge Isaac, card mfr.; h. Stramongate

Robinson Mrs. Jane, Wildman street

Robinson Miss Elizabeth, Far Cross bank

Robinson Miss Mary, Highgate

Robinson George, farmer, Murlimoss

Robinson Mrs. Sarah, Castle street

Robinson Thomas, grocer; h. Stramongate

Rodick Miss Mary & Sisters, Stricklandgate

Rooking John, tea dealer; h. Thorney hills

Rowland Mrs. Ann, Highgate

Salkeld Mrs. Hannah, Castle street

Sampson Rev. John, incumbent of New Hutton, and master of the Grammar School, Kirkland

Savage Thos. coffee roaster, Stricklandgate

Scaife Adam, weaver, Kirkland

Scaife Miss Rebecca, 21 Strickland place

Scarisbrick Thomas, professor of music and organist, Highgate

Scott Mrs. Joyce, Atkinson’s yard, Highgate

Senior Thomas, manufacturer; h. Highgate

Sheperd Mrs. Ann, Highgate

Simpson Allen, manufacturer; h. Highgate

Simpson Mrs. Elizabeth, Hallow lane

Simpson Mr. Richard, Vine cottage, Far Cross bank

Simpson Mrs. Susanna, Stramongate

Skelton Robert, coachwright, Market place

Smith James, farmer, Kendal parks

Smith Isaac, excise officer, 8, Strickland place

Smith Mrs. Mary, Highgate

Sowden Richard Watson, gent. Lowther St.

Stanton Joseph, engineer, Gas works

Steele Miss Hannah & Sisters, Stricklandgate

Stephenson William, periodical vender, 7, Stricklandgate place

Swainson Mrs. Agnes, Stramongate

Swainson Joseph, Esq. Kent side

Swales Richard, gent. Correction hill

Swainston Mr. John, corn inspector, Stricklandgate

Tatham Edmund, jun. Surgeon; h. Stricklandgate

Thomas Mrs. Margaret, Highgate

Thompson Mr. James, Wildman street

Thompson John, gent. Stricklandgate

Thompson Richard, grocer etc.; h. Lowther street

Thompson William, banker’s clerk, Stricklandgate

Thompson William, hosiery manufacturer; h. Correction hill

Tiplady Mrs. Jane, New road

Todhunter William, proprietor of the Museum, and preserver of birds & beasts, Fish market

Unsworth Thomas, coal agent, Stramongate

Vipond Mr. Robert, Stramongate

Wade Mr. Geo. Card maker, Stricklandgate

Wade Miss Elizabeth, Highgate

Wade Mrs. Jane, Wade’s yard, Stricklandgate

Waitt Miss Christiana, Stricklandgate

Wakefield Edward William, Esq. banker; h. Stricklandgate

Wakefield Jacob, Esq. banker; h. Stricklandgate

Walker Mrs. Jane, Thorney hill

Walker Robert, carrier’s agent, Thorney hill

Ward Thomas, cow leech, Stricklandgate

Watters Thomas, gentleman, Kirkland

Walling John, wood hoop mkr French lane

Weaver Mr. Joseph, 22, Strickland place

Webster George, architect, h. Kent terrace

Whitaker Mrs. Nanny, 20, Strickland place

Whitham James, coach guard, Woolpack yd.

Wilkinson Rev. Thomas, Catholic priest, Stramongate

Wilkinson Wm. manufacturer; h. Highgate

Willan Mrs. Elizabeth, Highgate

Wilson Wm. bookkpr. Coach office, Highgate

Wilson Robert, A.M. min. of Scotch Church

Wilson Mrs. Agnes, Stricklandgate

Wilson Mr. Andrew, Crewdson’s yard, Stramongate

Wilson Miss Agnes, Highgate

Wilson Mrs. Ann, Atkinson’s yard, Highgate

Wilson Christopher, Esq. Abbot hall

Wilson Miss Elizabeth, Carr’s yard, Highgate

Wilson Mrs. Eleanor, Highgate

Wilson Edward, gent. Abbot hill

Wilson Isaac, farmer, Castle green

Wilson Isaac, manufacturer; h. Kent terrace

Wilson Mr. John, Thorney hill

Wilson Mrs. Mary, Machell’s yard, Stramongate

Wilson Thomas, manufacturer; h. Thorns

Wilson Thomas, fancy manufacturer; h. Netherfield

Wilson Wm. manufacturer; Kent terrace

Wilson William, fancy manufacturer; h. Netherfield

Yeates Anthony, Esq. Kirkland




Austin Henry, (National) Hallow lane

Bacher Henry, (French) Kirkland

Bousfield Thomas, Wildman street

Betham James, Fox’s yard, Highgate

Birkett Edw. Wool Pack yard, Highgate

Brockelbank Sarah, (Ladies’) Market pl.

Burra Margaret, (National) Hallow lane

Dalton Jonathan, Finkle street

Caie Thomas, Market place

Dawson John, (of Industry) New road

Dixon Robert, Coward’s yard, Highgate

Harrison Richard, Stramongate

Holden Misses, (Ladies’ Boarding) Highgate

King Jane, (Ladies) Stramongate

Lewthwaite William, (Blue Coat) Highgate

M’Kand Elizabeth, Market place

Marshall Samuel, (Gentlemen’s Boarding), Stramongate

Newton Matthew, Kirkland

Richardson Margaret, (of Industry), New road

Sampson Rev. John, (Grammar) Kirkland

Slee Elizabeth, (of Industry) New road

Suart Thomas, Wildman street

Wilson John, Highgate

Wade Miss, Elizabeth, (Ladies’ Boarding), Highgate




ATLAS, Myles Fenton, Highgate

NORTH BRITISH, John Atherton, Gibson’s place, Stramongate

NORWICH UNION, Michael and Richard Branthwaite, Fish Market

PROTECTOR (FIRE) Thomas Gaskill, Highgate

ROYAL EXCHANGE, Joseph Garnett, Highgate

YORKSHIRE, Benjamin Pearson, Highgate




Angel, George Bateman, Highgate

Bird in Hand, Thomas Sisson, Kirkland

Bishop Blaize, Agnes Bellingham, Highgate

Black Bull’s Head, Anthony Barrow, Kirkland

Black Swan, John Taylor, Hallow lane

Cock and Dolphin, Richard Spencer, Kirkland

Commercial Hotel, (and Posting House), James Webster, Highgate

Crown, Arthur Cook, Stricklandgate

Dog & Duck, Elizabeth Dixon, Finkle st.

Dolphin, John Bateman, Highgate

Duke Charles, Thomas Braithwaite, Stramongate

Duke of Cumberland, Thomas Garside, Far Cross bank

Dun Horse, George Clarke, Stramongate

Elephant, Elizabeth Speight, Stricklandgate

Fleece, John Hodgson, Highgate

Foot Ball, Margaret Brocklebank, Market place

George & Dragon, Jas. Hanson, Market pl.

Globe, Elizabeth Huddlestone, Market pl.

Golden Ball, Richard Lough, Hallow lane

Horse & Rainbow, James Harker, Highgate

King’s Arms Inn, (& Posting House) John Jackson, Stricklandgate

Lowther’s Arms, William Bailiff, Wildman street

Masons’ Arms, Thomas Derome, Stramongate

Nag’s Head, James Thompson, Stramongate

New Inn, Thomas Lewthwaite, Highgate

Pack Horse, Mary Smallwood, Stricklandgate

Pump, Jane Park, Stricklandgate

Queen Catharine, Agnes Tate, Highgate

Red Lion, Robert Skelton, Market place

Ring-of-Bells, Wm. Braithwaite, Kirkland

Rose and Crown, Stephen Archer, Stricklandgate

Sawyer’s Arms, Thos. Wells, Stricklandgate

Seven Stars, Miles Colman, Stricklandgate

Ship, Elizabeth Noble, Stricklandgate

Slip Inn, John Askew, Market place

Unicorn, William Chipchase, Highgate

Union Tavern, John Walker, Stricklandgate

Weaver’s Arms, Wm. Bell, Wildman street

Wheat Sheaf, Ann Scott, Kirkland

White Hart, Jane Brooks, Highgate

White Horse, Joseph Goulden, Stricklandgate

White Lion, Wm. Stainton, Stricklandgate

Wool Pack, Wm. Hartley, Stricklandgate



List of Names – Arranged alphabetically according to their Professions and Trades.




Pearson Benjamin, (and sub-distributor of stamps) Highgate

Tebay James, Queen Catharine yard




Richardson John, Castle st.

Webster George, Kent side, Bridge street




Johnson Geo. Holdon, Old Post-office yard, Highgate

Stirzaker Richard, Kirkland




Atherton John, Market place

Heelis Thomas, Highgate

Johnson James, Lowther st.

Moser Roger and Robert, Cookson’s yard, Highgate

Pennington James, Highgate

Reveley Thomas, Hunter’s yard, Highgate, clerk to the commissioners of taxes and to the Heronsike and Eamont Bridge, and the Kendal and Milnthorp turnpike roads

Tatham Edward, (and deputy recorder) Stramongate

Wardle Thomas, Highgate

Wilson Christopher, Highgate

Wilson and Harrison, Lowther street

Wilson Richard, Lowther street




Clarke John, Finkle street

Goulden Joseph, Stricklandgate

Mills John, Finkle street

Wright Douglass, Branthwaite brow




Barton Hugh, Stramongate

Braithwaite Henry, Highgate

Brooks Ann, Finkle street

Brown Richard, Kirkland

Brown John, Stricklandgate

Crawford Joseph, Kirkland

Dalrymple Thomas, Fish market

Dobson Wm. Castle street

Fisher Septimus, Entry lane head

Gibson Christopher, Stramongate

Hartley Jas. Stricklandgate

Hayton Edmund, Highgate

Hirst Wm. Stramongate

Hogg Wm. Kirkland

Holmes Richard, Highgate

Jennings Mary, 5, Strickland place

Mattison Edward, Stramongate

Mawson James, Hallow lane

Murgatroyd Geo. Stricklandgate

Thompson Thos. Kent st.

Walton Thos. Stricklandgate

Whormby Richard, Fleece yard

Whitaker James, Kirkland

Willan John, Stricklandgate

Williamson John

Wilson Robt. Hallow lane




Crewdson Wm. Dilworth, Esq. and Son, and Co., Highgate; on Masterman, Peters & Co.

Wakefield John, Esq. & Son, Stricklandgate; on Masterman, Peters & Co.




Gibson Christopher, (dealer) Stramongate

Horsley Edward, Sharp’s yard, Stramongate

Walmsley Anthony, (dealer) Stricklandgate




Bailiff Wm. Castle mills

Birkett Joseph, Correction hill

Belwood Sarah, Woolpack yard

Bousfield Wm. New Inn yd.

Cooper George, Far cross bk.

Crayston Thomas, Symondson’s yard, Highgate

Millers Richard, Kirkland

Palmer Henry, Crown Inn yard

Stewardson Wm. Wildman street

Storey Wm. Netherfield

Strong John, Hallow lane

Unsworth Joseph, Old Shambles




*.* Marked thus* are Printers only, and thus = Binders only.

= Bathgate Simon, Caroline street

Branthwaite Michael and Richard, Fish market

Hudson & Nicholson, Highgate, and publishers of the Kendal Diary

*Lough Richard, publisher of the Westmorland Advertiser and Kendal Chronicle, (Saturday morning) Hallow lane

*Redhead Tyras, publisher of the Westmorland Gazette and Kendal Advertiser, (Saturday morning) Market place

Richardson Thomas, Stricklandgate




Atkin Thomas, Kirkland

Braithwaite Stephen, Stramongate

Brown ------, Savage’s yard, Stricklandgate

Coulthard Margaret & Sarah, (shoe & toy warehouse) Stricklandgate

*Cragg Robert, (and leather cutter) Stricklandgate

Derome James, Simpson’s yard, Highgate

Dinsdale Geo. Woolpack yd.

Dorrington Thomas, (wholesale) Peppercorn lane

Ferguson Wm. (wholesale) Finkle street

Garnett James, (and leather cutter) Hallow lane

Gawith Samuel, Coward’s yard, Highgate

Gudgeon Jonathan, Stricklandgate

Hodgson Wm. Kirkland

Houghton Henry, Fellside

Longmire John, Collin croft

Lyon George, Highgate

Macrith Thomas, Kirkland

Murgatroyd Geo. Stricklandgate

Murgatroyd Thomas, Stricklandgate

Noble Richard, Finkle st.

Read Thomas, Kirkland

Robinson George, Atkinson’s yard, Highgate

Ruthven James, Kirkland

Salkeld Christopher, Crewdson’s yard

Salkeld James, Highgate

Tyson Edward, Branthwaite brow

Tyson John, Stricklandgate

Udall Joseph, Kirkland

Walker John, (warehouse) Finkle street

Ward Wm. Thompson’s yd. Strickland

Wilkinson Geo. Lambert’s yard, Highgate

Wilkinson John, Highgate

Williams Thomas, Stricklandgate

Wilson Edward, Fox yard, Highgate




Bell Stephen, Stricklandgate

Birkett Miles, Market place

Chamberlain Wm. (tin wkr.) Queen Catherine yard

Gardner Christopher, Stricklandgate

Taylor George, Kirkland




Banks John, (and porter) Wildman street

Dargue George, retail, 20 Old Shambles



Thus * are Makers.


*Benson Robert, Stricklandgate

Bindloss Wm. Market place

*Carr Jonathan, Highgate

Kidd Wm. Highgate

Kitching John, Branthwaite

*Whitewell Isaac, Highgate




Pickering Hugh, Stricklandgate




Marked 1, have shops in Old Shambles; 2, New Shambles; 3, Market Place; and 4, in Highgate.

4 Atkinson Thomas, Old Pawnbroker’s yard

2 Baines Robert, Woolpack yard

2 Barrow Richard, Bradley field

2 Bateman John, Entry lane

1 Bell Wm. Highgate

1 Bindloss Thomas, Sparrow mire

3 Blinkhorn Edw. Thorney Slack

3 Boyd Samuel

1 Creighton David, Redman’s yard

4 Creighton Thomas, Old Pawnbroker’s yard

2 Dawson John, Finkle st.

Dixon John, Finkle street

Dobson Wm. Finkle street

1 Ewin Isaac, Elephant yard

2 Fawcett Luke Castle street

1 Fleming Benjamin

3 Gibson Christopher, Hallow lane

Graveson James, Market pl.

1 Halhead Wm. Beast banks

2 Hewertson Christopher, Wildman street

2 Hogg George, Kirkland

2 Hully John, Entry lane

2 Hully Moses, Entry lane

2 Ion Christopher, Midfield

2 Ion Wm. Berry’s yard

3 Kirkbride John, Gibson’s place

4 Longmire Geo. Troutbeck bridge

Lowther Henry, Market pl.

2 Robinson Wm. Highgate

Scarr Matthew, Highgate

1 Sewart John, Bird’s park

2 Sill Thomas, Stramongate

2 Thwaites Thos. Elephant yard

2 Waterhouse John, Entry lane

1 Watson Wm. Old Post office yard

Whaites Christopher, Finkle street

4 Wilson Edward, Woolpack yard

3 Wilson Fallowfield, Finkle street

3 Winne Wm. Wildman street




Marked thus * are Upholsterers; marked = are Joiners also.

*Atkinson Francis, Stricklandgate

Bateman Wm. Crewdon’s yard, Highgate

= Coward Wm. Coward’s yd Highgate

*Halhead Jas. Market place

*Halhead John

*Jackson John, Highgate

*Pennington Joseph

Suart John, Pennington’s yd. Highgate




Lime Morffee, Thorney hill

Rigge Isaac, Brougham st.

Wade Geo. Stricklandgate




Thus * are Chair Makers

*Benson Thos. Gelderd’s yd. Highgate

Dalrymple Wm. New Inn yard

*Lewis Wm. Shaw’s brow

*Suart John, Pennington’s yard, Highgate

Todd Christopher, (& shuttle maker) 18 Old Shambles




Andrew Thomas, Highgate

Jennings Wm. Highgate

Kidd Joseph, Stricklandgate

Rhodes Samuel, Kirkland

Spensley Solomon, Market place




Elwood Mary, (& furniture) Stricklandgate

Empson James, Hallow lane

Penny Jane, Kirkland

Skelton Elizabeth, Hallow lane

Steadman Joseph, Fold, Stricklandgate

Wilkinson Phillis, Hallow lane




Harker Jonathan, Old Shambles

M’Naught James, Highgate




Balcarras Earl of, Canal basin

Davis John and Wm. Canal basin; George Gaskill agent

Gibson Edward, Canal basin

M’Kenzie Kenneth, Canal basin; Thomas Unsworth agent

Singleton & Rooks, Canal basin

Union Co., Canal head; Jno. Dickinson, agent

Wilson, Sinkinson, & Dodgson, Canal basin; Wm. Dodgson, actuary




Berry Wm. & George & Co. (ivory comb and tablet) Finkle street

Ion Benjamin, Highgate

Sisson Joseph & Son, Market place

Tipping Thomas, (horn) Stricklandgate




Clark John, Market place

Court Wm. Highgate

Ferguson Dorothy, (& fruiterer) Finkle street

Holdsworth Samuel

Knipe Elizabeth, Highgate

Proctor John, Stricklandgate

Strong Mary, Stricklandgate

Thompson Robert, Stricklandgate

Wood Wm. Highgate




Hodgson Adam, Smithson’s yard, Highgate

Langhorn Thomas, Stricklandgate

Longmire Thos. Hallow lane




Airey Henry, (& bacon curer) Lowther street

Andrew Thomas, Highgate

Harling Benoni, Thorney hills

Singleton Isaac, (and salt merchant) Hallow lane




Aitken & Burton, Jackson’s yard, Highgate

Atkinson Benjamin, Collincroft

Cox Wm. Finkle street

Frearson Daniel, (dealer) Branthwaite brow

Whinery Samuel, Highgate




Grayson John, Symondson’s yard, Highgate




Harrison Agnes, Fish market

Hudson Richard, Highgate

Knipe Elizabeth, Highgate

Marriott Wilson, Stricklandgate

Webster Thos. Stricklandgate




Braithwaite Geo. and Isaac, Highgate

Gandy John & Co., Stricklandgate




*.* The principal Woollen and Linsey mfrs. are also Dyers of their own goods.

Braithwaite George & Isaac, Kent side

Christie Wm. Stramongate

Garnett Wm. Kentside

Harrison John, Kent side

Rudd John, Castle street

Wright Douglas, (silk) Branthwaite brow




Garside Wm. Entry lane

Hudson & Nicholson, Highgate




Metcalfe George, New road

Warriner Edw. Finkle street

Wilkinson Thomas, (basil tanner), Stramongate




Bindloss Wm. Market place

Dent Geo. Stramongate

Graham Andrew, Natland

Meldrum John, Finkle street




Adlington Thomas, (and tackle) Stramongate

Scott Thomas, Kirkland




Abbott John, Wildman st.

Atkinson John, White Lion yard

Allen James, Castle street

Braithwaite James, Highgate and Shaw’s brow

Forrest Thomas, Highgate

Hodgson Mary, Highgate

Rooks Thomas, Market place

Sinkinson Mary, Stricklandgate

Stevenson Joseph, Market place




Grier John, Coward’s yard, Highgate

Meldrum John, Finkle street




Birkett Miles, (glass) Market place

Capstick John, Stricklandgate

Hodgson Mary, (earthenware) Highgate

Wilson Betty, Stricklandgate




Jackson George, Hallow lane




Goodburn Joseph, Highgate

Wilkinson Thomas, Stramongate




Marked thus * are Flour Dealers also.

Barrow Richard James, Stricklandgate

Benson Robert, (wholesale) Stricklandgate

Bindloss Wm. Market place

*Blamire Wm. Highgate

Bradbury Geo., Highgate

*Braithwaite Wm. Kirkland

Brumwell Wm. Cownley, Highgate

*Capstick John, Stricklandgate

*Cockcroft Wm. Stramongate

Carr Jonathan, (wholesale) Highgate

*Craven Rd. Stricklandgate

*Dent Geo., Stramongate

*Dixon Rt., Fish market

*Fawcett Edw., Highgate

*Fisher Richard, Stramongate

Frearson Daniel, Branthwaite brown

*Gibson James, Stricklandgate

*Haldan Jas. Stricklandgate

*Harrison Abm., Wildman street

*Harrison John, Far Cross bank

*Harrison Thos. Highgate

Jennings James, Kirkland

*Jennings Wm. Highgate

Kidd John, Stricklandgate

Kidd Wm. Highgate

*Kirkbride John, Highgate

*Kitching John, Branthwaite brow

*Lowther Henry, Market place

Luce George, Castle street

*Medcalf Caleb, Brougham street

*Morris John, Finkle street

*Poole John, 13, Strickland place

Robinson Thos., (& wholesale) Stricklandgate

*Sanderson Jph. Stricklandgate

Sharp Anthony, Stramongate

Smithson John and Miles, (& wholesale) Highgate

*Spensley Solomon, Market place

*Stubbs Wm., Highgate

*Swailes & Savage, Finkle street

*Taylor James, Stricklandgate

Taylor Mary, Highgate

Thompson Eliz. Kirkland

Thompson John & Richard, (and wholesale) Highgate

Tipping Thos., Stricklandgate

*Watson Geo., Finkle street

*Wharton John, Wildman street

Whitwell Isaac, (wholesale) Highgate

*Whitehead Thos. Wildman street




Reay Robert, Kirkland




Gosling Thomas, Stricklandgate

Graham Robert Jackson, (dealer) Stricklandgate

Jenkinson John, Finkle street

Johnson Rd. Market place

Rigg Robert, Highgate




Cornthwaite Mary, Collincroft

Winder Thomas and Sons, Low mills




Bindloss & Nicholson, (and steel), Kirkland

Mullard John, Collincroft




Bindloss & Nicholson, Kirkland

Parkin John & Co., Highgate

Pearson John, Stricklandgate




Carter John, Stricklandgate

Compston, Saml., Brougham street

Compston Thomas, Leece’s yard, Stramongate

Fisher John, Mount pleasant, Beast bank

Fisher Wm. Stricklandgate

Halliday George, New road

Hogarth James and Robert, Kirkland

Jackson Richard, Symondson’s yard, Highgate

Jenkinson and Lewthwaite, Collincroft

*Levens and Machel, Rose and Crown yard

Mason John, Stramongate

Mattison Edward, Stramongate

Raven and Atkinson, Woolpack yard

Stanley John, New Inn yard

Taylor James, Stricklandgate




Todd Jph. Correction hill

Tomlinson Anthony Battersby, Highgate

Williamson John, Horncop




Book Club, Stramongate, Mr. George Backhouse, librarian

Braithwaite John, (circulating) Stramongate

Kendal Library, Lowther street; Mrs. Martha Mayne, librarian

Mechanics’, Highgate

Walker Ann, Finkle street




*.* The Lime Kilns are all on the Fell, about a mile from the town, on the Crosthwaite road.

Carradus James, Finkle street

Graham John, Beast banks

Mattison Rd., Beast banks

Robinson John, Beast banks

Tomlinson and Thompson, Shaw’s brow

Wilson John, Highgate




Marked 1, are Silk Mercers; and 2, are Tea Dealers also.

Bradley Wm. Highgate

Brunskill Wm. (and stuff merchant) Highgate

1 Clarke Joseph, Highgate

Currie Francis, Stramongate

2 Dawson John, Finkle street

Dixon Robert, (& tea dlr.) Stricklandgate

1 Garnett Jph., Highgate

Gaskill Thomas, (woolen) Highgate

Hewetson Henry, Stricklandgate

2 Imire James & Co., Stricklandgate

2 Irving Robert & Edward, Chapel row

Kitching Wm. Highgate

Lonsdale Thomas, (hosier) Stramongate

1 Moffett John, Stricklandgate

2 Richardson Wm. Highgate

Rigg Thomas, Highgate

1 Ross and Crosthwaite, Highgate

Simpson Rachel & Agnes, Stricklandgate

2 Tedcastle Thos., Thorney hills

Thompson & Parker, Fish market

Williamson Isaac, Market place




Benson Robert, (importer of Irish) Stricklandgate




Browne John, Woolpack yd.

Clarke Francis Wm., New road




Musgrave Thomas, Castle mills




Bell John, Beast banks

Harling Rd., Kirkland

Nicholson Edward, Correction hill

Robinson Christopher, Stricklandgate

Thompson John, Wildman street

Thompson Rd., Collincroft




Atkinson Joseph & John, Stricklandgate




Barker John Gaskoin, Highgate

Colman Miles, Stricklandgate

Gandy James and Sons, Stricklandgate

Medcalf Caleb and Sons, Highgate

Wilson John, Finkle street


MANUFACTURERS (Harden and Wrapper)


Kendal Workhouse

Pearson John, New Inn yd.

Savage Jonathan, Kent side




Askew Thomas, Stricklandgate

Bowness Jane, Highgate

Germain Edw., Castle street

Hodgson Jonathan, Black Hall yard

Johnson John, Stramongate

Locke Richard, Highgate

Nicholson John & Son, Nag’s Head yard

Shutt John, Stramongate

Thompson John, Stramongate

Thompson Wm. New road

Vipond Rd., Stramongate

Wilson Isaac, Kirkland




*.* See also Woollen Manufacturers

Atkinson Joseph and John, Stricklandgate

Noble John, Castle street

Shutt John, Stramongate




Braithwaite Chpr. Castle st.

Braithwaite James, Shaw’s brow

Gaskell George, Far Cross bank




Jackson Isaac

Pepper Wm. New road


MFRS. (Waistcoating & Fancy Goods)


Coleman Miles, Stricklandgate

Cookson Thomas, Highgate and Staveley Mills

Dent & Dent, Nag’s Head yd.

Gaskarth John and Co., Stramongate

Gibson George & Michael, Highgate

Greenhow Richard & Co., Highgate

Ireland John & Co. Stramongate

Medcalf Caleb and Sons, Highgate

Rawes Richard, Wildman street

Wilkinson Wm. and Sons, Kent side

Wilson Thomas and Sons, Nether field




Marked thus * manufacture Linseys also.

Birkett James, Anchorite house

*Cookson Thos., Highgate

Edmondson Isaac, Castle st.

Gandy James & Sons, Stricklandgate

*Gaskarth John & Co. Stramongate

*Gibson George & Michael, Highgate

*Greenhow Richard & Co., Highgate

Hall William, Stricklandgate

*Ireland John & Co. Stramongate

*Rawes Rd. Wildman st.

Reed William, Stricklandgate

*Thexton Thomas & Co. Castle street

*Wilkinson William & Sons, Kent side

Wilson Isaac & William Stramongate

*Wilson, Simpson & Ireland Kent street




Atkinson Margaret, Highgate

Brumwell Frances, Highgate

Brunskill Mary, Highgate

Busher E. J.. & A., Kirkland

Carter Margaret, Berry’s yard

Chamberlain A. J. & M., Stricklandgate

Graham Jane, Stricklandgate

Halliwell Elizabeth, Branthwaite brow

Hannay Jane, Branthwaite brow

Hervey Selina, Fleece yard

Kilner Jane, Highgate

Platts Ann, Highgate

Riley Mary, Market place

Robinson Hannah, Castle street

Stirzaker Martha, Kirkland

Taylor Sophia, Kirkland

Teasdale Agnes & Ann, Hallow lane

Todd Ann, Hallow lane

Tyson Elizabeth, Stricklandgate

Walker Elizabeth, Wade’s yard, Stricklandgate

Warrener Mary, Finkle street

Wildman Grace, Castle row

Witton Isabella, Smithson’s yard, Highgate

Woodburn Margaret, Stricklandgate




Turner William, Castle mills




Bindloss & Nicholson, Kirkland

Fisher William & Edward, Stricklandgate

Heywood George, Woolpack yard

Mullard John, Collin croft




Crosbie John, (and paper hanger and gilder), Finkle street

Baines James, Collin croft

Bolton Samuel, Stricklandgate

Stubbs Wm. (& gilder), Woolpack yard

Taylor George, Kirkland

Thompson James, Fox’s yd. Highgate

Walne Thomas, Hallow ln.




Branthwaite Michael and Richard, Fish market, & Cowen head

Eglin, Roberts, & Co. Crosthwaite mill; (wholesale warehouse), Hudson and Nicholson’s, Highgate




Earl Jane, Highgate

Earl Lancelot, Stramongate

Gudgeon Jonathan, Stricklandgate

Halliwell John, (and last), Branthwaite brow

Wilson John, Market place




Bradbury Mrs. Highgate

Gaskill Thomas, Highgate




Marked thus * are Perfumers

Dalrymple Thomas, Fish market

*Holme William, Highgate

*Lowthian Nathan, Stricklandgate

*Rowland John, Stricklandgate

Speight William, Highgate

Taylor Thos. Stramongate

Vipond John, Market place

Wilson Thomas, Highgate

Wilson John, Stricklandgate




Davis William, Morris’ yd. Highgate

Derome Thomas, Stramongate




Baines James, Collin croft

Horsman Charles, Stricklandgate

Rishton Henry, Shaw’s yard, Stricklandgate

Taylor George, Kirkland




Goodburn Joseph, & glue boiler) Gawthrop’s yard, Highgate

Williamson John, Horncop




Baron Thomas, Stramongate

Topham Ann, Stricklandgate




Boyd Richard, (& curled hair) Stramongate

Boyd Robert, (and curled hair) Stricklandgate

Braithwaite Geo. & Isaac, Highgate

Gillbanks Thomas, Bird in Hand yard

Mayson Benjamin, Hallow lane

Pennington Edward, Old Post Office yard, Highgate




Barrow Francis, Finkle st.

Bowman Isaac, Brumwell’s yard

Eccles Thos. Fish market

Relph Thomas, Stricklandgate

Tyson Richard, Highgate

Willan John, Old Pawn-broker’s yard, Highgate




Webster George & Francis, Kentside, Bridge street




Airey Jane, Stricklandgate

Birkett William, Kirkland

Blamire Henry, Kirkland

Cloudsdale Thos. Kirkland

Cookson John, Stricklandgate

Dixon Catharine, 22, Union street

Dobson William, Finkle st.

Hannay Elizabeth, Stramongate

Haresnape Richd. Far Cross bank

Hawkrigg Isabella, Stricklandgate

Heywood Geo. 3, Strickland place

Hindson Joseph, Thorney hills

Hirst Amos, Hallow lane

Lonsdale Thos. Stramongate

Parrington Thos. Hallow lane

Pilling Richard, Kirkland

Reed William, Stramongate

Scott John, Kirkland

Speight William, Highgate

Suart Ellen, Wildman street

Thompson Mary, Stricklandgate




Marked thus * are Flag Merchants also.

*Carradus James, Lowther street

Greenup John, West Bank wharf, Canal basin; Wm. Crewdson, agent

*Hall & Taylor, Black Hall yard, Stricklandgate

Jackson ---------, West Bank wharf, Canal basin; Wm. Crewdson, agent

Thompson John & Richd. Hallow lane

Webster George & Francis, Kent side, Bridge street

White Moss Company, Canal basin; Edward Gibson, agent



See also Ulverston


Bays Brown, Langdale. – John Atkinson, Esq., and John Greenup

Grasmere, Loughrigg, and Langdale. – Edward Gibson & Co.

Kentmere. – Edw. Thompson & Sons

Mosdale-in-Wet-Sleddale. – Richard Rawes and John Hudson

Patterdale. – John Mounsey, Esq., Daws; and Henry Chapman, Hartsop, and Place Fell

Rydal. – White Moss Company; Edward Gibson, acting partner

Troutbeck Park. – David Huddleston




Cookson Ann, Union street

Docker Charles, Highgate

Palmer Louisa, Stramongate




*.* See also Sculptors and Marble Masons.

Atkinson Wm. Gelderd’s yard, Highgate

Brough John, Woolpack yd.

Carradus James, Finkle st.

Carradus Joseph & James, Fellside

Gibson & Harrison, New rd.

Holme John, Collin croft

Lewis Thomas, Thorney hill

Medcalf Richard, Fellside

Simpson James, Fellside

Storey John, Entry lane

Thompson John, Morris’s yard, Highgate




Marked thus * are Dress Makers also.

Watt Elizabeth, Fish market

Dobson Thomas

Hayton Hannah, Market pl.

Gott Ann, Stricklandgate

*Lonsdale Hannah, Stricklandgate

*Levens Maria, Stricklandgate

Pearson Ann, Highgate

Robinson Sarah, Cookson’s yard, Highgate

Scales Agnes, Entry lane

Stirzaker Martha, Kirkland

Wilson Sarah, Entry lane




Cragg Robert, Highgate

Forrest George, Stramongate

Gawthorp Matthew, (Dispensary) Lowther street

Harrison Thomas, Bridge st.

Holden James Fawcett, Highgate

Longmire Wm. Highgate

Noble James, Stricklandgate

Proudfoot Thos. M.D. Highgate

Tatham Edmund & Son, Stramongate




Those marked thus * are Woollen Drapers also.

Busher Edward, Highgate

Cookson James, Highgate

Gibson Geo. Old Pawnbroker’s yard, Highgate

Gradwell Robert, Berry’s yd. Finkle street

Graham Thos. Stramongate

Kendall James, Bradshaw’s yard, Stricklandgate

*Philipson John, Highgate

*Read Richard, Fish market

Scott Joseph, Woolpack yd.

Sharp Stephen, Braithwaite’s

Shaw John, Abbott square, Kirkland

Smith Thomas, Pack Horse yard

Stubbs James, Abbott square, Kirkland

Tessimond Thomas, Stramongate

*Udall James, (and clothes dealer) Stricklandgate

*Walker Christopher, Wade’s yard, Stricklandgate

*Webster James, Highgate




Bindloss Wm. Market place

Fawcett Edward, Highgate

Harrison Thomas, Highgate

Sinkinson Edward & Benjamin, Highgate




Those marked * are Skinners and Basil Tanners.

Banks Zephaniah & Son, Stramongate

Ellerary Robert, Netherfield

Gelderd John, Highgate

Gelderd Wm. Wildman st.

Gunson Joseph, Aikrigend

*Metcalf George, New road

*Wilkinson Thomas, Stramongate




See also Grocers and Tea-Dealers, and Linen and Woollen Drapers

Anderson & Gibson, Holme’s yard, Highgate

Brownrigg James, Woolpack yard

Chamley Roger, 1, Caroline street

Currie Francis, Stramongate

Fallows Joseph, Stricklandgate

Harrison Alicia, Fish market

Lickbarrow Roger, Branthwaite brow

M’Morran James, Jackson’s yard, Highgate

Patton Wm. Leece’s yard, Stramongate

Pearson Benjamin, Highgate

Richardson John, Castle brow

Rooking John, Highgate

Rowlandson Geo. Cookson’s yard, Highgate

Spencer Richard L. Andrew’s yard, Highgate

Thompson Ralph, Entry ln.




Fisher John, Mount Pleasant

Fisher William, Stricklandgate

Shaw Thomas, Stricklandgate




Marked thus * are Tobacco Manufacturers

Bowman John, (and tea dealer) Highgate

*Fothergill James, (& snuff manufacturer) Finkle st.

Gladstones John, Market pl.

*Harrison Thomas, Highgate

Whitaker Joseph, (and snuff manufacturer) Fish market




Relph Thos. Stricklandgate

Satterthwaite William, Highgate




*.* See Chair Makers




Shakeshaft Richard, Castle street

Speight Wm. Highgate

Todhunter William, Fish market

Witton Stephen, Smithson’s yard, Highgate




Clapham John, Philipson’s yard, Highgate

Palmer Henry, (& shoer), Stramongate

Ward Thomas, Thompson’s yard, Stricklandgate

Whormby Richard, Fleece yard

Wood John Coates, Highgate




Burton Emanuel, Finkle st.

Collinson Benj. Stramongate

Pennington Christopher, (& jeweler) Market place

Robinson Thomas, (& jeweler) Highgate

Scales William, Atkinson’s yard, Highgate

Scott James, Stricklandgate

Squire James, Stricklandgate




Blamire Henry, Kirkland

Bousfield William, New Inn yard

Dawson Jno. Correction hill

Hogg William, Angel yard

Sewell John, Wildman street

Sissons Thomas and James, Netherfield

Wharton Thomas, Ann st.

Whitehead James, Castle st.

Wightman Thomas, Far Cross bank




Crossley James, 8, Old Shambles

Graham Robert, Kirkland

Irwin Joseph, Shaw’s yard, Stricklandgate

Mitchell Wm. Leeces’ yard, Stramongate

Mullard John, Collin croft

Musgrove Joseph, Pennington’s yard, Highgate

Wilson Robt. Pear tree bank




Marked * are Wine Merchants ; *.* See also British Wine Makers

Grisdale Eliz. Stricklandgate

*Harrison John, Highgate

Harrison Thomas, Highgate

Postlethwaite & Hayton, Old Post office yard, Highgate

Sinkinson Edward & Benj. Highgate

*Sleddall John, Stricklandgate

Spensley Solomon, Market place

*Stuart Archibald, Highgate

*Thompson John & Richard, Highgate

Whitaker Joseph, Fish mkt.

Whitwell Isaac, Highgate




Hargreaves John, Low mills

Tanner Wm. Anchorite mill, Kirkland




Jackson Richard, Highgate




*.* The Hosiery Manufrs. Spin Worsted by the Hand Wheel.

Box & Harrison, Sand area

Hallewell James, Burnside




From the KING’S ARMS, Stricklandgate.

Those marked thus * go alternately from the King’s Arms and Commercial Inns.

London, The Royal Mail, through Lancaster, Preston, Manchester, Macclesfield, Leek, Ashbourn, Derby & Northampton, d. ½ p. 11 night, ar. ½ p. 1 mg.

Penrith, Carlisle, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, The Royal Mail, to Glasgow, by way of Gretna, Ecclefechan, Lockerby, Beatock Bridge, Douglas Mill, and Hamilton, to Edinburgh, by way of Longtown, Langholm, Hawick, Selkirk & Dalkeith, d. ½ p. 1 mg. ar. 12 ngt.

Carlisle, The New Times, every afternoon at 3 o’clock, through Shap and Penrith; arr. ½ past 2 aft. Passengers forwarded to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Leeds and London, The Royal Union, thro’ Kirkby-Lonsdale, Skipton, Bradford, etc. every morning, Sundays excepted; dep. ½ past 7 o’clock mg. arr. 9 evg.

*Liverpool, The Telegraph, by Milnthorp & Burton daily; d. ½ p. 8 mg. ar. 6 evg.

Liverpool & Manchester, New Times, Lancaster & Preston daily; d. 10 mg. ar. 6 evg.

*Manchester and London, The Telegraph, by Milnthorp, Lancaster, Preston & Blackburn, dy.; d. 6 mg. ar. ½ p. 7 evg.

*Whitehaven, The Royal Mail, through Ambleside, Keswick, Cockermouth, & Workington, every mg. at 2, ar. 11 evg.



Highgate, Carlisle, The Royal Bruce, every day; dep. 3 o’clock afternoon, arr. 10 mg.

Liverpool and Manchester, The Royal Bruce, through Lancaster and Preston from thence by way of Ormskirk, to Liverpool and Bolton, to Manchester, every day; dep. 10 mg. arr. 3 aftn.

Whitehaven, The Defiance, alternately from the Dog and Duck, Mon. Wed. and Fri.; d. 7 mg. ar. Following days, 8 evg.

From the DOG & DUCK, Finkle street.


Lancaster, Preston, and Manchester, The Fair Trader, dly. Dep. 6 mg. ar. 8 evg.




From the Canal Warehouse.

James Machell. – To London, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and Lancaster, and all parts of the South and to Wales, by Canal Boats, Sun. Tue. Thu. And Fri. dep. 3 mng. Arr. Sat. Mon. Tue. and Thu. By Waggons, to Carlisle, Glasgow, and all Part of the North, Sun. Tue. and Fri. dep. 6 mg. arr. Sat. Mon. and Wed. 7 evg. Simon Myerscough, agent.

John Hargreaves. – By Canal Boats, to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and Lancaster, and all Parts of the South, and to Wales, Sun. Tue. Thu. And Fri. dep. 3 mg. arr. Sat. Mon. Tue. and Thu. By Waggon, to Carlisle and Glasgow, and all Parts of the North, Sun. Tue. Wed. and Fri. dep. 6 mg. arr. Sat. Mon. Wed. and Thu. 7 evg. Richard Walker, agent.



London, York, Hull, Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, and all Parts of the South & West of England, John Dowker, Woolpack yd. Mon. Wed. Thu. & Sat. d. 3 aft.

Penrith and Carlisle, from whence goods are forwarded to all Parts of the North. James Jennings, New Inn Yard, Mon. & Thu. D. 12 noon, ar. Wed. & Sat. 9 mng.

Sedburgh and Hawes, Woolpack Yard, John Benson, Wed. & Sat. ar. 8 mg. dep. 2 aft.

Whitehaven, Grasmere, Cockermouth, Keswick, and Wigton, John Robinson, Woolpack Yard, daily, dep. 12 noon



Appleby, White Hart, Matthew Hird, arr. Mon. & Thu. evg. dp. Tue & Fri. 8 mg.

Barnard Castle and Brough, George and Dragon, John Lambert, Sat. arr. 7 mg. dep. 2 aft. See also Kirkby-Stephen.

BramptonSee Penrith

BroughtonSee Ouston

Cartmel – See Ulverston

Dent, Fox and Goose, Richard Parrington, arr. Fri. evg. dep. Sat. 12 noon.

Garsdale, George & Dragon, John Middleton, arr. Thu. evg. dep. Fri. noon

Hawkshead, Coniston, Broughton, Bootle, Ravenglass, and Ulverston, Fox and Goose, Wm. Scott, Tue. and Sat. arr. 8 mg. dep. 1 noon.

Hawkshead & Coniston, Pack Horse, Thos. Crewdson, Wed. & Sat. arr. 8, dep. 2

Holy Plat and Ingleton, Fox and Goose, Peter Gill, Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3.

Houghton, George and Dragon, Thomas Hunter, Sat.

Kirkby-Lonsdale, Fox and Goose, Thomas Jennings, Wed. and Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3

Kirkby-Stephen, Packet, John Barnes, arr. Fri. dep. Sat. 8 mg.

Kirkby-Stephen, Barnard Castle, and Stockton, New Inn, David Hewetson, arr. Mon. & Fri. evg. dep. Tue. 4, Sat. 6 mg.

Kirkby-Stephen and Brough, George and Dragon, John Lambert and John Bousfield, Sat. arr. 7, dep. 2.

Lancaster – See Ulverston

Long Marton, Pack Horse, Robert Bird, arr. Fri. evg. dep. Sat. 12.

*Manchester, Rose and Brown, John Smith, Wed. and Sat. arr. 8 mg., dep. 3 aft.

*See Preston also.

Maudland, New Inn, John Heslop, arr. Fri. evg. dep. Sat. 12 noon.

Milnthorpe, Pack Horse, E. Harrison, Wed. and Sat. arr. 8, dep. 3.

Milnthorpe, Fox and Goose, Joseph Clark, Wed. & Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3; and Walter Berry & Stephen Carr, from the Bull’s Head; and Mary Lupton, from the Woolpack Inn.

Newton, George and Dragon, Thos. Addison, Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3.

Newton, Fleece, Jno. Martindale, Sat. arr. 8, dep. 1.

Orton, Crown Inn, Thomas Farrer, Sat. arr. 8, dep. 2.

Orton, Fox and Goose, Mark Willan, Wed. and Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3.

Orton, Packet, Jas. Waller, Sat. ar. 7, dep. 2.

Orton, George and Dragon, Thos. Hunter & John Bousfield, ar. Fri. evg. dep. Sat. 1.

Ouston & Broughton, White Lion, Rd. Nelson, ar. Tue. & Fri. dep. Wed. & Sat. 12.

Penrith and Shap, George and Dragon, Jph. Simpson, Sat. arr. 7, dep. 2.

Penrith, Shap, and Brampton, Pack Horse, Joseph Ion, Wed. & Sat. arr. 8, dep. 2.

Preston, and Manchester, Pack Horse, John Birchall, Sat. arr. 8, dep. 4.

Ravenglass – See Hawkshead.

Ravenstonedale, Dog and Duck, Len. Alderson, arr. Fri. evg. dep. Sat. 1.

Sedbergh, Commercial Hotel, Geo. Taylor, Sat. arr. 9, dep. 3.

Sedbergh, New Inn, John Garnett, Tue. Thu. and Sat. arr. 12 noon, dep. 3 aft.

Shap, White Lion, E. Stephenson, Sat.

Shap, Pack Horse, John Horn, Wed. & Sat. arr. 8, dep. 3.

Stockton – See Kirkby-Stephen.

Troutbeck, Elephant, Thomas Strickland, Sat. arr. 9, dep. 2.

Ulverston, Cartmel, and Lancaster, Fleece, John Pickthall, Wed. & Sat. ar. 8, dep. 1.

Ulverston and Cartmel, Woolpack, George Rigg, Wed. and Sat. arr. 9, dep. 2.



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