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 Long Marton Parish is an irregularly formed district, containing about six square miles, and lying on the east side of the Eden, between the parishes of Appleby St. Michael, Dufton and Kirkby Thore. It is divided into three manors and townships, vis. Long Marton, Brampton and Knock, which support their poor conjointly, and in 1821 contained 714 inhabitants.

The Commons have all been enclosed at different periods, viz. Brampton, 1770, in Knock, in 1815 and long Marton in 1824; out of the two latter of which 445 acres were awarded to the rector in lieu of all the tithes, but no commutation has yet been made for the tithes of Brampton. The soil is generally fertile, and well suited for barley, turnips and potatoes.

Long Marton is a large neat village of good houses, most of which have been rebuilt during the last 20 years, so that it now ranks the second village in the county, being not much inferior to Temple Sowerby, from which it is distant 4 miles SE. by E; and 3 miles NE. from Appleby,-- lying on the north side of the Troutbeck rivulet. At the north end of the village is Marton House, the handsome stone mansion of Robert Stagg, Esq. Principal agent to the London Lead Company, who have their mining office here. Marton Hall stands on a pleasant eminence above the Troutbeck, and is the residence of the Rector.

The Church, dedicated to St. Margaret and St. James, is a large neat edifice, standing in the fields of Brampton, of a mile S. of the village.

In the windows are the arms of Clifford, Greystock, Dacre, Lancaster and Wharton, and on the south side is an isle called Knock Porch.

The living is a rectory of which the Earl of Thanet is patron, and the Rev. John Rippon, A.M. incumbent. It is valued in the Kings books at 21 15s. 7 d but now possesses 43 acres of glebe, besides the445 acres above mentioned, and the tithes of Brampton. The Methodist Chapel was built in 1816, at a cost of 400, on land given by Mrs. Mary Brunskill, who afterwards bequeathed two acres of land, which sold for 160, to assist in paying the debt then owing for its erection.

The Parish School, near the church was endowed in 1824 with the interest of 20 left by Mr. Thomas Machel, who also bequeathed 20 for the encouragement of a singing master to teach psalmody at the church. The Poor Stock amounts to 110. The Manor of Marton or Merton, as it was anciently written, has been successively held by the Veteriponts, Wakes, and Grays, from whom it passed to the Lowthers, in which family it still continues, but the estates belong to various proprietors.

Brampton is a large manor and township lying between the Eden and Troutbeck, and contains the neighbouring villages of Brampton and Brampton-Croft-Ends, distant 2 miles N. by W. of Appleby. The manor was long held by the Lancaster family, but is now held by the numerous tenants of the Earl of Thanet, under arbitrary fines, except a few freeholds. The hall, which was formally the seat of the Burtons, was sold to the inhabitants and demolished many years ago. Thomas Lowis, Esq. resides in a pleasant mansion at Croft Ends, near the good Inn recently erected on the Aston and Appleby road.

Close-Houses is a hamlet in Knock township, 2 miles NNE. of Long Marton. Miss Fearon pays for the education of four girls, and Mrs. Rippon for two boys at the school here.

Knock is a good village and small township 2 miles NNE. of Long Marton, terminated on the east by Knock Pike and Dufton Fell. The manor was anciently called Knock Shalcock, and was successively held by the families of Boyvill, Rookby, and Clifford, but now belongs to the Earl of Thanet, whose tenants here pay certain fines.

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 Atkinson Henry, blacksmith

 Bellas John, jnr. Grocer and druggist

 Clark John, gentleman

Earl Thomas, corn miller 

 Harrison John, vict. Boot & Shoe

 Ion John, butcher

Lunson Jonathan, joiner and wheelwright

 Pearson Joseph, clogger

Pearson Richard, grocer and draper

Rippon Rev. John A.M. rector of Long Marton, Marton Hall

 Salkeld Benjamin, shoemakr

 Stagg Mrs. Ruth

 Stagg Robert, Esq. Marton House

Thompson Matthew, grocer

Varty John, clogger 



Thus * are Yeoman


 *Bellas John, sen

 *Bellas Thomas

 *Bellasis John

 *Jameson William

 Pallister George, Park

 *Pearson Joseph

*Pearson John

*Simpson John

*Stagg Robert

*Thompson Edmund

*Thompson Thomas



London Lead Company;

Office, Marton House; Rt. Stagg, Esq. Superintendent


Brown Geo. mining agent; h. Dufton

Hetherington Joseph, washing agent; h.Dufton

Hutchinson John, clerk

Millican Joe, surveyor

Pearson George, smelt mill agent and clerk

Souter Wm. mining agent; h.Hilton




To Kendal, Robert Bird, dep Fri. 7 mg. Arr. Sat. 9 evg.


To Manchester, Wm Walker, dep. Monday morning

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Brampton - Marked 1, reside at Croft Ends.

Elwood Agnes, schoolmistress

 Gillbanks Thomas, grocer

 Jackson Wm. parish clerk; h. Battlebarrow

 1 Johnson Robt. blacksmith and vict. New Inn

 Hunter Joseph, tailor

 1 Lowis Thomas, Esq.

 Pettey Robert, schoolmaster

 Spedding George, vict. New Inn

 Todd Edward, corn miller, Brampton Mill



Thus * are Yeomen


Allinson John, Stonyland

 Atkinson John, Castrigg

 *Atkinson Thomas, Broom

Bainbridge Thomas, Scrogbank

Bird John

Bird Henry, Broom

Brown William

Brown Wm. Scales house

Cheesebrough John

1 Coulthard John

Crosby Samuel, Poors house

Furnes John

* Harrison Thomas

Moss Christopher

1 Pattinson William

Percival Robert

*Richardson Stephen

Shaw William

Slee William, Low Broom

Slee William

*Spedding Robert

*Spedding William

1 Thornbarrow William

Threlkeld John

1 Watson Joseph

Willan Joseph, Broad Lee


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Knock - Marked 1, reside at Close Houses.

Craig Joseph, draper

 Errington John, vict. Plough and Horses

 Ion John, vict. Pack Horse

 1 Jack William, schoolmaster

 Lowis Mrs. Margaret

Parkin Thomas, grocer 

 Sayer Robert, shoemaker





Thus * are Yeoman


 Allan Richard

 *Atkinson William

 *Bellas Richard

 *Bland Joseph

*Bland Thomas

Burnskill Anthony 

 *Burn Richard

 *Errington Thomas

 *Lightburn Joseph

 1* Lowis George

 Sayer Henry


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History taken from History, Directory & Gazetteer of Westmorland - Parson & White 1829

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