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Westmorland Villages

Hearth Tax Westmorland 1674

· An Introduction to the Hearth Tax of 1674, the information within the files below has been transcribed from a variety of sources.

As this index is compiled under the appropriate Constablewick of which there are usually several in each parish, we have attempted to help by indicating the parish where possible. The constablewicks within each parish are often contained in different files, so please browse below.

· A table indicating key used to identify Constablewicks, where named person was living.

Alphabetical Indexes of Persons - with key showing location…. large files but worth downloading.

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· M to Z

Browse Names of Persons by Location

· File contents: Ambleside. Appleby including Burrels & Bongate. Brough under Stainmore including Brough Sowerby, Church Brough, Helbeck. Kirkby Stephen including Kaber and Winton. Birkbeck Fells which is part of Crosby Ravensworth parish.

· File contents: Temple Sowerby. Newbiggin. Dufton. Longmarton, Knock, & Brampton. Milburn (Kirkby Thore). Hilton Bacon, Crackenthorpe & Murton (Appleby). Warcop, Sandford & Burton. Great & Little Ormside. Little Asby, Asby Coatsforth & Asby Winderwath. Tebay & Raisbeck (Orton).

· File contents: Bolton (Morland). Kirkby Thore. Colby, Drybeck (Appleby). Bretherdale, Langdale (Orton). Little Musgrave (Crosby Garret). Great Musgrave. Bleatarn (Warcop). Ravenstonedale including Weasdale. Soulby, Smardale, Waitby, Wharton Dikes, Nateby, Mallerstang (Kirkby Stephen). Stainmoore (Brough under Stainmore).

· File contents: Orton, Orton Parkes, Scales in Orton Parish, Crosby Ravensworth, Shap, Rayside, Sleddale in the Bottom and Hardendale all in Shap Parish.

· File contents: Morland Parish, Morland, Great Strickland, Little Strickland, Kings Meaburn, Newby Stones. Clifton. Lowther Parish, Lowther, Whale Moor, Hackthorpe, Melkinthorpe. Brougham Parish, Brougham, Whinfield & Woodside. Crosby Ravensworth Parish, Reagill & Sleagill, Maulds Meaburn. Cliburn.

· File contents: Barton Parish, Barton Above The Church, Patterdale, Martindale, Low Winder, Yanwath & [Eamont} Bridge. Morland Parish, Thrimby. Askham Parish, Askham, Helton. Bampton Parish, Bampton, Bampton Patrick.

· File contents: These are Lonsdale Ward unless otherwise indicated. Casterton, Fellgate, part of Kirkby Lonsdale, Mansergh, Middleton, Hutton Roof, Lupton, Killington, Firbank. Dillicar (Kendal). Holme (Burton).

· File contents: Beetham, Farleton, Preston Patrick, Old Hutton (Kendal). Hincaster, Milnthorpe, Preston Richard, Stainton, (Heversham).

· File contents: All Kendal Ward. Witherslack - Meathop & Ulpha. Crosthwaite & Lyth, Underbarrow & Bradleyfield, Crooke Underbarrow, Undermillbeck, Applethwaite, Strickland Roger.

· File contents: Burton in Lonsdale. Kirkby Lonsdale.

· File contents: (All Kendal Ward) Lambrigg, Grayrigg, Whinfield, Fawcett Forest, Whitfell & Selside, Patton & Skelsmergh, Scalthwaitrigg, New Hutton, Hutton in the Hay, Hay, Natland, Kendal Park & Oxenholme, Helsington.

· File contents: (All Kendal Ward) Long Sleddale, Kentmere, Upper Staveley, Nether Staveley, Hugill, Troutbeck, Grasmere, Langdale, Loughrigg & Rydal, Levens.

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Index of Transcripts

Westmorland Villages