Kirkby Lonsdale Parish Directories

· Kirkby Lonsdale

· Barbon

· Casterton

· Firbank

· Hutton Roof

· Killington

· Lupton

· Mansergh

· Middleton



POST OFFICE, Arthur Foster, Main-street.

The South and North Mails arrives at 7 morning, and are despatched at 6 in the evening. – The Yorkshire Mail, through Settle, arrives at 40 minutes past 5 evening, and is despatched at 8 morning.

MISCELLANY – Consisting of the Names of the Inhabitants not arranged in the Trades’ Lists, with the Residences of the Gentry, Clergy, etc.

Abbott Mrs. Ellen, Mitchellgate

Askew Richard, farmer, Low Biggins

Barnes Jonathan, printer and bookbinder, Fairbank

Batty Miss Agnes, Main street

Bell Mrs. Eliza, Main street

Blamire William, farmer, Hollin hall

Brough Samuel, farmer, Pelsyeat

Brunskill Mrs. Sarah, Market place

Burrow William, farmer, Cathole

Carus Mrs. Elizabeth, gentwn. Lunefield

Carus William, Esq. Lunefield

Conder Miss Mary, Moorgate

Copley Mr. Richard, Old Market place

Coward Mrs. Elizabeth, Mitchellgate

Craston John, organist, Vicarage lane

Craston Miles, parish clerk, Fairbank

Craston William, tallow chandler, Old Market place

Croft Mrs. Agnes, Old Market place

Dacre Isaac, farmer, Moorgate

Davis Henry, linen manufacturer and subdistributor of Stamps, Old Market pl.

Dent Mrs. Elizabeth, Main street

Dobson Rev. John, perpetual curate of Hotton Roof, Firbank

Dobson John, farmer, Biggins hall

Dodd Mrs. Sarah, Horse market

Foster Arthur, printer, bookseller, stationer, and patent medicine vender, Main st.

Foster John, printer, Back lane cottage

Garnett Stephen, seedsman & auctioneer, Main street

Gatenby Christopher, excise officer, Main street

Gathorne Mrs. Elizabeth, Main street

Georges Wm. gentleman, Biggin’s lodge

Gibson Mrs. Eleanor, Mitchellgate

Gibsons, Pearson & Co. bankers, Main st.; on Masterman, Peters & Co. London

Gibson William, banker; h. Beck head

Gorell Rev. Edward, perpetual curate of Mansergh, Mitchellgate

Greenwood Alexander, schoolmaster; h. Lune cottage

Gregg Thomas, gentleman, actuary to the Savings’ Bank, Horse market

Grundy James, dyer, Mill brow; h. Fairbank

Hall John, earthenware & basket dealer, Old Market place

Handby Robert, cattle dealer, Mitchellgate head

Harrison James, yeoman and lime burner, Tarn side

Healey Rev. Samuel, Independent minister, Horse market

Holme Miss Betsey, Mitchellgate

Hopkins Mr. Matthew, Fairbank

Jackson Mr. George, Mitchellgate

Johnson Mr. Christopher, Market place

Just John, classical & mathematical assistant, Grammar school; h. Fairbank

Lawrence Robert, farmer, Dean’s Biggin

Lowther Dorothy, farmer, Tarn hill

Martindale John, farmer, Tarnside hall

Martindale John, clog and patten maker, Main street

Moore Giles, Esq. Main street

Nowell Alexander, Esq. Underley park

Parkinson Thomas, Governor of the Workhouse, Mill brow

Pearson Mrs. Eleanor, Mill brow

Pearson Francis, sen. gent. Lune cottage

Pearson Warwick, gentleman, Market place

Picard Mrs. Ann, Fairbank

Pollard Hannah, dealer in British lace, Main street

Rawlinson Edward, gent. Biggins house

Rawlinson John, yeoman, Fell side

Richardson Mrs. Thomasin, Main street

Robinson Mrs. Mary, Main street

Robinson Mary & Agnes, working upholsterers, Queen street

Rowlandson Rev. John, curate, Vicarage

Sampson Mrs. Dorothy, Church yard side

Sawrey Mr. William, Mitchellgate

Sharpe Rev. Joseph, A.M. vicar, Vicarage

Swainson Robert, gentleman, Main street

Tatham Miss Ann, Main street

Tatham Peter, farmer, Hophouse

Todd Mrs. Margaret, Mitchellgate

Twiselton William, farmer, Main street

Theobalds Thomas, yeoman, Moorgate

Tomlinson Edward, gent. Biggins house

Ward John, chair maker & flour dealer, Main street

Whittingham Richd. Cooper, Old Market pl.

Wilcock Edward, corn miller, Mill brow; h. Main street

Willey Mrs. Hannah, Fairbank

Wilson Edward, Esq. banker; h. Main street



List of Inhabitants – arranged according to their Professions and Trades.


Dobson Rev. John, (Grammar) Mill brow

Gott Wm. Old Market place

Greenwood Alexander, Back lane

Huck John, Mitchellgate

Johnson Ann & Ellen, (Ladies’ boarding) Market pl.





Bradley Robert, Main st.

Hall John, Main street

Pearson Francis, jun. Market cross

Preston William, Main street, clerk to the commissioners of assessed taxes







Garnett Stephen, Main st.





Garnett Thomas, Main st.

Whitehead Margt. Mill brow

Wilcock Edward, Main st.




Grundy Dennis, Mitchellgt.

Jackson Robert, Old Royal Oak yard

Ritson Robert, Fairbank




Bland Miles, Queen street

Craston Jno. King’s Arms yd.

Grundy Adam, Mitchellgate

Hodgson Miles, Horse Market

Marsden Charles, Main st.

Mason John, (& clogger), Queen street

Nixon John, Main street

Robinson Christopher, Little Market place

Thornton Thomas, Main st.


Atkinson George, Old Market place

Eskrigg Richard, Old Market place

Ewan Margaret, Old Market place

Hutchinson William, Market place

Richardson John, Old Market place

Thornborrow Wm. Main st.

Willan William, Market pl. & h. Little market






Ward John, Main street

Willan William, Mitchellgt.

Sill Nathan, gent. Black yates




Davis Mary, (& stay maker) Market place

Taylor John, Main street





Hawthornthwaite Richard, Main street

Wright John, Main street





Atlas, Wm. Preston, Main st.

Imperial, John Allen, Mitchellgate





Baines Geo., Market place

Barker Matthew, Beck head

Davis John, Main street

Davis Henry, Old Market pl.

Eyres James, Main street

Garnett Stephen, (& seedsman) Main street

Haythornthwaite Richard, Main street

Metcalf Jeffry, Little Market place

Jennings Thos. Old Mkt. Pl.

Wildman Thos., Old Market place

Wilson Jas. Old Market pl.

Wright John, Market place




Smith Spencer, Old Market place

Whitley Wm. Talbot, Main street





Craston Wm. Old Market pl.

Stout Joseph, (manufacturer) Main street

Thornton Wm. Main street




Fleece, James Grundy, Fairbank

Green Dragon, (and posting house) Nicholas Harrison, Main street

King’s Arms, Wm. Scott, Old Market place

Red Dragon, Eliz. Jackson, Main street

Rose and Crown Hotel, (and posting house) Hannah Roper, Main street

Sun, Richard Eskrigg, Old Market place

Talbot, Jonathan Pool, Main street

Wheat Sheaf, Agnes Dent, Main street





Batty Hannah and Nancy, Main street

Read Wm., Main street





Baines Wm. Vicarage lane

Garnett Thomas, Prospect cottage

Russel John, Old Market pl.

Whittindale John, Horse market

Whittindale John, Tarn side





Buttle Thomas, New road

Tomlinson Anthony Battersby, Biggins house





Bracewell Christopher, Market place

Craston Wm. Old Market pl.

Davis John, Main street

Wearing Hannah, (& hosier) Main street

Wilson John, Main street

Wright John, (and British lace dealer) Market place




Bell James & Son, Main st.

Pool George, Main street





Coates James, flax and tow spinner, and wrapper mfr. Queen square

Davis Henry, linen manufacturer, Old Market place

Davis Robert, calico and gingham manufacturer, Old Market place

Grundy Agnes and Sons, blanket and carpet manufacturers, Mitchellgate






Dean John, Main street

Stewartson Wm., (and lath dlr.) Old Royal Oak yard





Croft Ralph, (and glazier) Beck head

Smith Robert, Main street





Coulson Wm., Old Market place

Dean John, jun. Main street

Fawcett John




Coates Mary, Main street

Pollard John, Main street





Atkinson Robert Holgate, Old Market place

Read Wm. Main street

Wearing Rd., Market place




Garner Ann, Main street

Gott Wm. Old Market place

Russell John, Old Market place

Wilson James, Beck head






Bradley Wm. Market place

Dawson Wm. Main street





Barker Matthew, Beck head

Croft James, Mitchellgate

Croft John, Mitchellgate

Croft Robert, Old Market place

Croft Wm., Mitchellgate

Dixon Leonard and James, Queen street




Marked * thus are Milliners and Dress Makers only.

*Bee Isabella, Horse Market

Copley Mary, Old Market place

Dixon Ann, Queen street

*Huck Elizabeth, Mitchellgate

Kilner and Morphet, Main street

*Marginson Betty, Main st.

Mason Mary, Old Market place

*Sargeson Isabella, Main st.

Willoughby Jane, (& dealer in British lace) Main st.




Batty Wm. Beck head

Pearson John & Alexander, Lune cottage





Bell James & Sons, (and drapers) Main street

Davis Wm. (and staymaker) Market place

Tennant John, Horse market

Todd Thomas, Main street






Gibson Wm. Mill brow

Hall Thomas, Mill brow head

Redman Robert, skinner, Waterside; h. Old Market place




Bell James, Main street

Bradley Wm. Market place

Coupland John, Main street




Bell John, Market place

Hayes Ralph, Old Market place

Illingworth Wm. Old Turnpike house




Barrow Wm. Talbot yard

Dixon Robert, Horse market

Willan George, Fair bank



From the Rose and Crown Hotel


The LORD EXMOUTH, every Mon., Wed., and Friday, to Newcastle upon Tyne, at 6 mng.; and to Lancaster, at 6 evg.

The ROYAL UNION every day, except Sunday, to Leeds, at 9 mng.; and to Kendal at 9 evg.

A MARKET CAR from Milnthorp arrives at the Wheat Sheaf, every Thursday, at 10 mng.; and dep. 3 aftn.




Bentham by Ingleton. – Thos. Jennings, Main st. Monday, dep. 6 mng,; arr. 7 evg.

Blackburn. – Sun, Robert P. Wilson, Fri. arr. 9 mng.; dep. 4 aft.

Burton in Kendal. – Green Dragon, Thomas Varey, Thu. arr. 8 mng.; dep. 3 afternoon

Dent. – Red Dragon, Mattw Agar, Thu. arr. 8 mng.; dep. 3 aftn.

Dent. – Green Dragon, Wm. Thistlethwaite, Thu. arr. 8 mng.; dep. 3 aft.

Kendal. – Red Dragon, John Dowker, daily

Kendal. – Thomas Jennings, Main street, Wed. & Sat. dep. 5 mng.; arr. 8 evg.

Kendal. – Joseph Smith, Biggins, and from Joseph Stout’s, Main st., Wed. and Sat. , dep. 5 mng.; arr. 7 evg.

Kendal. – William Proctor, Wheat Sheaf, dep. 5 mng. Arr. 7 evg.

Killington. – Sun, William Woof, Thu. arr. 9 mng.; dep. 3 aft.

Kirkby-Stephen. – Talbot, George Eastwood and Rd. Brunskill, Tuesday, dep. 7 mng.

Lancaster. – Thomas Jennings, Main st., Wed. and Sat., dep. 1 mng.; arr. 7 evg.

Lancaster. – Jeffry Metcalf, Little Market place, Wed. and Sat., dep. 2 mng.; arr. 8 evg.

Leeds. – Red Lion, John Dowker, daily

Liverpool. – John Taylor, Main street, every other Monday, dep. 2 mng.; arr. Sat. evg.

Manchester. – Talbot, Geo. Eastwell and Rt. Brunskill, Wed. dep. 5 mng.; arr. Monday evg.

Settle. – Red Dragon, John Dowker, daily





Marked 1, reside at Bank-house; 2, Highbeck foot; and 3, Lowbeck foot.

Burton Thos. blacksmith

3 Dixon Thos. corn miller

Ellison John, shoemaker

1 Garnett Rt. Skyring, Esq.

Gibson Jph. Esq. Whelp rigg

Godwin Thos. surgeon, R.N.

Harrison Mrs. Eliz. Low fields

Harrison James, maltster, Low fields

Harrison --------, Low fields

Huck John, shoemaker

Huggonson Edward, wheelwright and grocer

Kirk Thomas, schoolmaster

Lupton Hutton, wheelwright

Lupton Richard, tailor

Metcalf John, shoemaker and grocer

2 Richardson Rev. Harling

1 Walker Wm. Esq. Beck side

Winn Thomas, butcher




Thus * are Yeomen

1 Airey Thomas

*Batty John

Bowness Robert, Hawkrigg

3 Holme John

3* Huck John

1 Huck Thomas

3* Huck William

*Hutton Richard

Hutton William

Kendal John

1 Lupton Myles

2 Richardson William

Robinson Arthur, Fell house

2* Willan John


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Marked 1, reside at High Casterton; 2, Low Casterton; 3, Fellgarth; and 4, Fellgate

2 Carter John, maltster

2 Gawith Jph. Schoolmaster

2 Gibson Leond. Blacksmith

1 Huck John

2 Metcalf Geo., vict. George and Dragon

1 Pearson Alexander, surgeon

2 Proctor Rd. stonemason

Wilson Wm. Wilson Carus, Esq. Casterton hall





Thus * are Yeomen

1* Agar William

Atkinson Rd., Bee nest

Atkinson Thomas, Bee nest

Barnes Rowland, Bindloss

*Bayliffe James

Briggs Edward, Old hall

3* Burrow Alice

*Carter John, Hollin bush

1 Coates Elizabeth

1* Cragg John

4* Dodgson James

3* Dodgson William

2 Durham Wm. Old hall

Garnett Wm. Kirfitt hall

4 Masseter John

Morphet Rd., Galegarth

Richardson Jas. Chapelhouse

Robinson Rd. Longthwaite

Seargeson Thomas Gorey

3 Stockdale James

Stockdale Henry, Bell yate

Stockdale Henry, Bull pot

Wilson Thomas, Hole house

Metcalf George, carrier to Lancaster, Fri., dep. 7 mng.; arr. Sat. 6 evg. – To Sedbergh, Wed., dep. 7 mng.; arr. 8 evg.

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Burton Wilfred, tailor, High house

Garnett Rev. John, incumbent & schoolmaster, Newfield

Hogarth Wm. corn miller, and maltster, Davy bank





Thus * are Yeomen.


Atkinson Richd. Waterside

Bateman M. Cowperthwaite

Bayliffe Jas. Shaklebank

*Bowman Wm. Nettlepot

Bowness Samuel, Dawgill

Bracken John, Newfield

Bracken John, Oakbank

Bracken Miles, Hawkrigg

Burton Thomas, High house

Cragg John, Bridge end

Cragg Richard, Fawcetts

Cummins Thos. Moores

Emmerson Wm. Fellside

Hogarth James, Davy bank

Newby Abm. Under Knott

Oversby Oliver, Bowers

*Postlethwaite G. Beckfield

*Rowlandson Edw. Oak bank

Savage Joseph, Hill top

*Sharpe Thomas, Moores

Short Wm. Lakethwaite

Ward Richard, Goodies

*Ward Richard, High house

*Word Wm. High house

Wilson George, Moss foot

Woof Thomas, Winneyha

Woof Wm. Gill




Marked 1 reside at Hutton Roof, and 2, at Newbiggin

1 Atkinson Robert, grocer

1 Blamire John, grocer

Cragg Thos. schoolmaster




Marked * are Yeomen, and thus = are Quarry owners.

= * Atkinson Geo. Moor end

Berry May, Kilkerwell

1 Blamire Isabella

Bowness Geo. Gatebarn

2* Burrow John

Burrow John, Mealrigg

2* Cragg William

1= Dent John

*Hebblethwaite Thos. Kilner foot

Hodgson Richard, Spittle

Hogarth Benjamin, Lonsdale

Holme Myles, Low house

*Holme Miles, Craggside

1 Holme John

1= Holme Thomas

= Holme Wm. Pickle

Jackson Wm. Moor end

2* Park Joseph

Pool Wm. Sealford

Rawlinson Edw. Whin gate

Ridding Lancelot, Hole

Shaw Benj. Gaskell houses

2* Turner Ellen

2* Wearing Agnes




Marked 1 reside at Beckside; 2, at Fellside; 3, at Hall Beck; and 4, Killington Hall.

4 Bainbridge Jas. day school

Cowperthwaite Joseph, overlooker, Reservoir

4 Dickinson Thomas

4 Lanstreth Edmund, vict. Red Lion

Leighton John, blacksmith, Capplethwaite

Lewthwaite James, vict. Black Horse, shoemaker

Parratt John, blacksmith, Grass rigg, Lee gate

2 Rockliffe Thomas, shoemaker and grocer

1 Slater John, corn miller

4 Wilkinson Rev. Robert, officiating curate & schoolmaster

4 Wilkinson James, butter merchant

Wilson Robert, blacksmith, Whitehall

Woof William, corn miller, Broad rain mill






Thus * are Yeomen.

Airey Thomas, Beck house

Armistead Robt. Aykrigg

2* Backhouse Agnes

Backhouse Jph. Mutton hall

Baines Hy. Gillhouse style

Bradshaw John, Drybeck

1 Chamley Christopher

Clark Thomas, Three mile house

Ewan Rowland, High Bendrigg

Fawcett James, Greenham

Fenton Robt. Grass rigg

1 Fisher Robert

3* Kendal William

2* Knowles James

Machel Thomas, Capplethwaite ahll

Park Thos. High Bendrigg

Park Joseph, High Stangerthwaite

Ratcliffe Joseph, Low Bendrigg

*Richardson James, Light oaks

Richardson John, Low Harp rigg

Richardson Wm. Light oaks

Richardson Robert, High Harp rigg

2 Scott Samuel

Shepherd Joseph, Low Stangerthwaite

3 Waller Robert

Ward Richard, Arkle rigg

Winster Jas. Bowersike

3 Winster Joseph






Marked 1 reside at Cow Brow; 2, at Lupton Row; 3, at Lupton Smithy.

1 Bell Jas. vict. Plough

3 Bewsher John, wheelwright

1 Crossfield John, wheelwright

Dowker John, carrier, Foulstone

Hayhurst Christopher, corn miller

1 Nicholson Richard, tailor and grocer

1 Remmington Robt. Grocer

3 Whitwell John, blacksmith





Thus * are Yeomen.

Atkinson John, Aykrig green

1 Barnes John

2 Bateman, Richard

Bateson Jas. Tarn house

Black Wm. Carlingwha

Benson James, Tarn house

Benson Robert, High Fell houses

Bramwell Peter, Lupton high

*Briggs Edmund, Lupton hall

*Cragg Edward, Green lane end

Fox Gilbert, Pant end

2 Friar Marmaduke, Lupton row

Howard John, Icornshaw

Kitching Ferdinard, Kitridding

Longfield Daniel, Borrens

Lowis John, Fell houses

Mattinson John, Box tree

Nelson Wm. Fell end

1 Park John

1* Squires John, Greenside

Squires John, Greenside

Taylor Thomas, Beckside

Wilson John and Thomas Teasdale, Thompson fold


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Marked 1 reside at Old Town.

Braithwaite John, blacksmith, Hollins

1 Braithwaite John, blacksmith

1 Graham John, grocer

1 Harrison John, vict. Durham Ox

Wilson Christopher & Edw. Esqrs. Rigmaiden hall





Thus * are Yeomen.

Armistead Jas. Hawkrigg

1 Bonde Edward

Bradley Isaac, Nether hall

Brunskill George, Mansergh hall

*Close Henry, Height

1* Conder Edward

1 Dinney Richd., Town head

1 Dixon Joseph

*Kilner James, Birks

Mattocks Wm. Mansergh high

Parker Wm. Highholm hall

Taylor Thos. Holm house

Wlamsley Thos. Highholm yeate

Woof James, Holm house





Marked 1 reside at Middleton Head.

Bayliff Henry, woollen mfr. Hollins

Bayliff Fawcett John, jun., plumber, glazier, & tin-worker, Abbey

Knipe Rev. John, curate, Abbey

Metcalf Leonard, shoemkr. Ratten tow

Moore Wm. Esq., Grimes hill

Nelson Richd. Wheelwright, etc. Fellside

Nelson Richd. Schoolmaster, Chapel






Thus * are Yeomen.

Airey Richard, Gartlin

Atkinson Henry and John, Millbeck

Bayliff Thomas, Hollins

*Bowness Thos. Close foot

Bowness John, Toss beck

Bowness Rd. Middleton hall

Bowness Robert, Borrens

Coulthwaite John, Low water side

James Richard, Sewermire

Kendel John, High water side

*Kirk Allen, Hawkin hall

Kirk Thos. Barwick hall

*Kirk Jane, Yew tree

Knipe Wm. Bends bank

Morphet Thomas, Treasonfield

1 Parkinson John

Rigg John, Applegarth

Sconce Arthur, High water side

Sharpe Thomas, Catkin

1 Thirnbeck Christopher

Thirnbeck Wm. Beckside hall

Tomlinson Joseph, Fellside

Warrener Edmund, Eskham

Wilson John, Millhouse

*Wilson Thomas, Green



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