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Postmaster, John Postlethwaite. – Letters from the North and South arrive from Burton in Kendal at 30 min. past 2 mg. And are despatched at 10 min. before 7 evg. – Ulverstone Mail, arr. 30 min. past 6 evg. And dep. 3 mg.

Adlington Miss Sarah, New row

Armstrong Thomas, horse breaker, New row

Baines John, hatter

Banks Mr. Wm. New row

Barrow James, gentleman, New row

Barton Mrs. Margaret

Baxter Richard, nail mfr.

Blewert Mrs. Eleanor, Harmony hill

Clark Thomas, farmer

Clarke Mrs. Rachael

Cragg Mrs. Elizabeth

Dixon Mr. Edward

Fearon Jph. Tanner & tawer

Gawthrop Mr. Thomas

Green Mrs. Margaret

Hancock Mrs. Mary, New row

Harrop Miss, New row

Hird Mrs. Alice, New row

Hodgson Mrs. Mary

Holmes John, sen. land agent

Holme John, jun. Farmer

Hoyle Rev. Giles, Independent minister

Huddleston Mrs. Mary

Lamenby Wm. excise officer

Myers Mrs. Elizabeth

North Mr. Edward, New row

Pitt Wm. bookkeeper

Postlethwaite John, wine & spirit merchant

Redhead John, bookkeeper

Rowes John, governor of the incorporated workhouse

Salisbury Mrs. Elizabeth, Belvedere cottage

Salisbury Thomas, solicitor, Belvedere cottage

Sanderson Edward, clog and patten maker, New row

Sawrey Mr. Edward, New row

Squires Mrs. Ann

Taylor George, brazier and tinplate worker

Towers Isaac, gentleman

Turner Mr. James

Turner Wm. paper mfr.

Wainhouse Mr. Edward

Watson Miss Eliz. New row

Widdup Mrs. Ellen




Bentham Godfrey, (national)

Clark Betsy

Hayton Mrs. (ladies’ bdg.)

Myers Miss Eleanor, (ladies’ day)

Woodburn John




Armistead Henry

Bainbridge Thomas

Reed John, Harforth

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Gibson Robert

Hird William




Cragg Isaac

Hadwen William

Saul Richard

Towers Richard




Briggs Thomas, and Burton in Kendal

Eggleston John

Wilson Edward, and Kendal




Atkinson Sampson

Boyd John

Bullman Thomas

Johnson John

Mason George

Nelson Richard

Whitaker George, (and ironmonger and seedsman)

Winder Emanuel Shepherd, (& cast iron warehouse)




Bull’s Head, Wm. Whormby Scaife

Cross Key’s Inn, Elizabeth Hudson

King’s Arms, Thomas Bainbridge

Royal Oak, Isaac Clemmett

White Lion, Wm. Thompson



Marked 1, are Joiners and Cabinet Makers; and 2, are Joiners and Wheelwrights


1 Cornthwaite George

2 Harrop Wm. Birbeck

1 Thompson Anthony




Barrow Richard, (woollen)

Boyd John

Bullman Thomas

Hewetson Henry




Huddleston Thomas

Rawlinson Ewan, St. Anthony’s



(Linen, Flax, etc.) in Milnthorp and the Neighbourhood


Ashburner John, twine mfr.

Atkinson Thomas, flax spinner and twine manufacturer, Holme

Barker Wm. flax spinner and rope mnfr. Crooklands

Briggs James, twine mfr.

Caton Robert & Son, flax spinners, wrapper & sacking mfr., Cross mill

Cornthwaite Joseph & Co., flax & tow spinners, linen, wrapper & sacking mfr., Halfpenny mill

Greenwood John, wool carder, stocking & blanket yarn mfr. Stainton Mill

Hacking Wm. twine mfr., Clawthrop

Jackson Lancelot, linen manufacturer

Huddlestone Thomas, twine manufacturer

Postlethwaite Wm. bag and sail manufacturer

Smithies Henry & Sons, flax and tow spinners, rope, twine, bed tick, wrappers, & sacking mmanufacturers, Milnthorpe mills

Walthman & Co. flax spinners and mfrs., Holme mill



Marked * are Straw Hat Makers


Davis Catharine, (and stay maker)

Hudson Jessy

*Inman Ann

Patterson Eliz., New row

*Robinson Mary




Mills John (and plumber)

Mills William




Hardy Richard

Turner Wm., Waterhouse

Williamson James




Sharpless Joseph

Turner Joseph




Addison John

Briggs Mary (and baker)

Gibson Robert

Spencer John




Brocklebank John

Brocklebank Robert

Brocklebank Thomas

Jackson William

Fleming William

Hudson Robert




Jackson William

Mossop Isaac

Parsons William




Barrow Richard

Walker Edward

Walker John

Whitaker Thomas




Armistead Henry (and flour dealer)


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(From the Cross Keys)


The Telegraph to Lancaster, via Burton, at ½ past 9 mng. and to Kendal at 5 evg.; and via Beetham to Lancaster at 7 mng. And to Kendal at 6 evg.


A Branch Coach (Telegraph) to Ulverstone, every Sun. Mon. Wed. & Fri. at half-past six evg.; rets. ½ past 9 mng.


(From the King’s Arms)


The Fair Trader to Manchester and Liverpool, at 7 mng.; to Kendal at 7 evg.




From the Quay, at Arnside Point, Captain Robert Greenwood’s two vessels, trade regularly to Liverpool


From Hest Bank vessels trade to Lancaster, Liverpool, etc.




To Kendal, Edw. Carr, Mon. dep. 8 mng.; arr. 9 evg. – Joseph Clark, Edw. Harrison, Mary Lupton, Wed. and Sat. dep. 8 mng. Arr. 8 evg.

(Stephen Carr & Walter Berry, on the arrival of bessels at Arnside Quay, carry goods to their destination)

To Hest Bank, Tobias Hutchinson

To Lancaster, Saml. Atkinson, dep. 3 mng. Arr. 9 evg.

To Manchester, (from the King’s Arms) John Smith, dep. Sat. 7 evg.

To Ulverstone & Cartmel, John Pickstall, from the Royal Oak, Sat.

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Marked 1 reside at Bowland Bridge; 2, Church Quarter; 3, Church Town; 4, Crosthwaite Green; 5, How; 6, Hubbersty Head; 7, in Lyth Quarter; 8, Pool Bank; 9, Raw; 10, Tarn Side; 11, Town End Quarter

9 Alderson Alex, shoemaker

8 Barrow John, wood hoop manufacturer

4 Bell John, shoemaker

2 Bell Wm. oculist

10 Benson Mrs. Agnes

4 Benson Thomas, grocer

2 Clark John, castrator, Town yeat

4 Clemeson Thomas, wheelwright and joiner

2 Dixon Rev. John, assistant curate and master of the free school, Cartmel fold

4 Dixon Joshua, wheelwright

2 Eglin George, paper mfr. Hill top

2 Eglin & Roberts and Co. paper mfrs.

3 Garnett Mrs. Margaret

1 Harrison Jas. Blacksmith

1 Hodgson Jas. Vict. Hare and Hounds

Lucas George, wheelwright, Haycoates

2 Martindale Robert, tailor, Town yeat

Pearson Archibald, wheelwright

9 Philipson Mrs. Mary

3 Richardson Thomas, vict. Punch Bowl, and blacksmith

2 Roberts John, Crosthwaite paper mill

9 Robinson Robert, lime burner

9 Strickland James, lime burner

10 Strickland Rev. James, incumbent

10 Storey Mrs. Mary

3 Thompson John, stone mason and grocer

2 White Henry Lawrence, surgeon, Town yeat

4 Whittom Mary, grocer

4 Witton Margaret, grocer

2 Wilson James, corn miller and malster; h. Espford



Thus * are Yeomen


11* Airey John, Fellside

9* Atkinson James

11* Bell James, Woodside

6* Bell Thomas

2* Bell William

6* Bennett Richard, sen.

6 Bennet Richard, jun.

2* Benson Richard, Yews

7 Benson Robert, Rawsons

4 Blezard James

2* Bowness Geo. Wood yeat

11 Bradshaw Edward, Low house

4* Burrow James, jun.

11* Cartmell James, High Birks

11* Cartmell John, Broad oak

4* Cartmell Richard

2* Cartmell Robinson, Cartmell fold

2 Cornthwaite Thomas, Sanderson fold

7* Daker Geo. White beck

7* Dickinson John, Dawson fold

7* Docker Richard, White beck

11 Dodd Edward, Cowmire hall

11 Dodd Eleanor, Low Birks

7 Dodd Wm. Jop Scales

7 Downham Hannah, Gilpin bank

2* Elleray George, Sprout

7 Fisher Elizabeth, How

3* Garnett William

8 Graves Robert

11 Hallhead Thomas, Fellside

4* Holme John

7 Inman John, Draw wel

2 Long Wm. Moss-side

4* Lucas Geo. Haycotes

7 Martindale Robt. Cragg

7 Medcalf Edward, White-scar end

7* Moon John, Russmickle

7 Nelson Septimus, How

8* Pearson Joseph, Pool bank

2* Pearson John, sen. Yews

2 Pearson John, jun. Fellside

10 Pearson John

11* Pearson Wm. Borderside

7 Philipson Rt. Grassgarth

7* Powley John, near New Bridge

2 Prickett James, Moss-side

7* Prickett Anthony, How

11 Sedgwick Thomas, High

11 Shepherd Lowden, Roperford

2 Simpson James, Lambhow

3* Simpson James

7* Spooner John, near New Bridge

10 Strickland Tobias, Tarn side

9 Strickland Susanna

7* Taylor Thomas, Brow head

7* Townson Robert, Low

9* Turner William

8 Varty John, Broad Oak

11 Walker Isaac, Haycotes

2 Walker Josiah, Simpson’s buildings

10 Willison Robert

7* Wilson John, Low

10 Wood John

8 Wood Robert


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HEVERSHAM *.* See also Milnthorp.

Marked 1 reside at Ackenthwaite; 2 Deepthwaite; 3, Heversham; 4, Leasgill; 5, Rowell; 6, Woodside.

4 Armer Thos. shoemaker

3 Atkinson John

1 Audland Rev. Wm. Fisher, M.A.

3 Backhouse Mrs. Elizabeth

3 Bell Christopher, shoemaker

6 Bindloss Miss Elizabeth

3 Bindloss Robert, grocer

Bindloss Wm. gent. Deepthwaite

1 Clarke Jas. shoemaker

1 Clemmey Thomas, wheelwright and joiner

1 Dowthwaite Wm. blacksmith

3 Hindson Eleanor, vict. Blue Bell

3 Hudson Mr. Henry

3 Lawson Rev. George, M.D. Vicar of Heversham, Vicarage

3 Mackreth John, vict. Eagle and Child Inn

3 Pedder Edwd. Esq. Plum Tree Hall

Rawlinson Ewan, maltster, St. Anthony’s

4 Redman John, wheelwright

Reed John, parish clerk, auctioneer, and agent to the Eagle Fire Office, Harforth

1 Redding George, grocer

4 Richardson Lieut. James

3 Tomlinson Mrs. Dorothy

3 Wilson Rev. Geo. Master of the grammar school and boarding academy

Wilson John, Esq. Plum Tree bank

3 Wilson Wm. blacksmith

4 Wilson John, gentleman, cottage



Thus * are Yeoman


1* Audland John

6 Bainbridge William

5 Baines Robert

4* Beetham Thomas

4 Berry John

3* Bindloss William

6 Brown James

3 Burrow Obadiah, Hall

1 Clarke Robert

1 Clark richard

1* Dawson John

5* Dodshon William Dowthwaite

6* Garnett John

5 Hayston John

6* Huddleston Thomas

5 Jackson William

1 Masheter John

Prickett Geo. Moss-side

*Smith John, Haverflatts

*Squires Robert, Haverflatts

1 Tennant John

6 Wallen Thomas

1 Whitehead Thomas

3* Wilson Henry

4* Wilson John


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Bindloss Mrs. Hannah, Greenside

Ellison Mrs. Mary

Prickett Christopher, schoolmaster

Redman Wm. wheelwright

Wharton Mrs. Isabella

Wilson Mrs. Ann



Thus * are Yeoman


Atkinson Eliz. Wellheads

Capstick William

Garnett John, Greenhead

Redhead Peter, High barns

Parker Thomas


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Marked 1, reside at Beathwaite green; 2 at Briggsteer; 3, Sizergh Cottages; 4, Leasgill; and 5, at New Bridge.

Bare Edw., vict. Duke of York

2 Baynes Mrs. Eliz. Teacher

Bownes Mrs. Jane, Whitbarrow lodge

2 Briggs Miss Margaret

5 Brocklebank Joshua, vict. Bridge Inn

3 Cocking James, blacksmith

5 Cowperthwaite Hugh, wheelwright

3 Croasdale Isaac, wood hoop manufacturer

1 Dodgson William wheelwright

Forbes Alexander, gardener, Levens hall

1 Gibson Geo., wood turner

1 Harrison James, grocer

Howard Hon. Fulk Greville, M.P. Levens Hall

1 Philipson Robert, blacksmith

4 Shuttleworth Mr. James

Stephens Rev. Wm. A.M. perpetual curate of Levens

Taylor John, wheelwright, Park head

Toosey T. B. land agent, Levens hall

5 Wilshaw Jas., blacksmith

1 Wilson Mrs. Ann, teacher

2 Wilson John, vict. Hare and Hounds

2 Waugh Mrs. Ann



Thus * are Yeomen


Atkinson John, Lord’s plan

1 Rare John

Benson Geo. High Fell end

Benson Richard, Greenbank

Benson Thomas, Cinderbarrow

Clarkson James, Greenside

4 Cornthwaite John

* Dent William, Lawrence house

2 Farrer Roger

Graham John, Mabbin hall

*Harrison Robert, Low Levens

Kilner George, Spout house

2* Mackreth John

2 Mackreth Thomas

2 Mackreth Wm.

Redhead Peter, High barn

1 Simpson Myles

2* Stenton Thomas

Stenton Richard, Eaves

4* Suart Edward

Thexton John, Lampool

2* Thompson James

Walker William, Lampool

Willis John, Lane end

1 Wilson John, Moss head


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Marked 1, reside at Birkrigg Park; 2 at Crooklands; 3 Endmoor; 4 Low Park; 5 Milton; 6 Raw-End; 7 Storthend

2 Atkinson Isabella, grocer

2 Barker William, flax spinner and rope manufactr.

2 Balcarras, the Earl of, canal coal wharf

3 Black John, vict. Horse & Farrier

7 Cartmell Rev. John, A.B., incumbent of Crosscrake

3 Gibson John, blacksmith

5 Hayhurst Mrs. corn miller

2 Hodson Francis, grocer

2 Irving David, linen and woollen draper, and tea dealer

3 Johnson Edward, wheelwright & joiner

Johnson William, Esq. Old Hall

4 King William, shoemkr.

2 Nicholson John Stephenson, tailor

1 Philipson Thomas, Birkrigg Park

2 Pixton Thomas, canal bank ranger

5 Stenton John, blacksmith

3 Thompson John, vict. Blacksmith’s Arms

2 Todd John, vict. Punch Bowl Inn

7 Whitehead Wm. grocer



Marked * are Yeomen


4 Archer George

3* Benson John

3* Benson William

2* Carr Richard Swinburn

*Cragg James, Broken brow

Croft Gabriel, Deepthwaite bridge

5 Crossley James

*Fell William, Urchin rigg

Fox Francis, Stubb

1 Garnett Anthony

*Goad John, Field end

6 Gott John Hayhurst

*Malin William, Tidd side

6 Marsden Nicholas

5 Mason Robert, Moor

Mason Myles, Field end

* Mattinson Elizabeth, Lane

Mattinson Robert, Common mire

Park Thomas, Carter house

6* Park William

Ratcliffe John, Lorrimoregate

Thexton John, Common mire

Thompson Thomas, Deer Park

5* Todd Mrs.

Wilson Thomas, Lane


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Barrett Joseph, tailor

Bousefield Geo. Bookkeeper

Braithwaite Robt. Shoemkr.

Harling Francis, blacksmith

Herdson Richard, grocer

Stanley Mrs. Jane, teacher

Teasdale William, cooper

Wakefield John, sen. Esq.

Wakefield John & Sons, gunpowder manufacturs.

Waterhouse Henry, wheelwright & joiner



Thus * are Yeomen


*Harling John

*Johnson Christopher, Crow Trees

Newby John, High house

Scott John, Hill top

Willock John, Raines


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Marked 1 reside at Barrows-Green; 2 at Crosscrake; 3 at Helm; & 4 at Stainton Row.

1 Baines John, vict. Punch Bowl

Caton Robert & Son, flax spinners, wrappers, and sacking manufacturers, Cross mill

Cornthwaite Joseph & Co., flax and tow spinners, linen, sacking, and wrapper manufacturers, Half-penny mill

4 Dickenson Richard, maltster

Gibson Matthew & Thos. bobbin manufacturers, Low mill bridge

Goad Mrs. Jane, Hawthorn hill

Goad Robert, schoolmaster, Crosscrake; h. Hawthorn hill

Greenwood John, stocking & blanket yarn manufacturer, Stainton mill

3 Hindson John, vict. Bee Hive

2 Hodgson Joseph, blacksmith

Park William, corn miller & maltster, Mill bridge

Taylor Wm. bleacher, Hal-penny pasture

1 Thompson John, shoemaker

Wilson James, corn miller & maltster, Vever mill



Thus * are Yeomen


3 Askew John

Birkett George, Halfpenny

Dickinson Thomas, Bridge end

1 Dixon Margaret

Dunn Ralph, Stainton hall

1 Ellswood Mark

Gibson Edward, Low mill bridge

Graveson Thomas, Knotts

2 Harper Thomas

1* Ireland Martin

3 Kellett Christopher

Kendal Ann, Sellet hall

Medcalf Wm. Beck side

2 Nelson Jacob

Nelson James, Cockrigg

Newby Henry, High house

Robinson John, Stang

Wilcock John, Ranes

Willis Thomas, Helmend

*Wood Richard, Knotts


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