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Westmorland Villages

Westmorland Villages - East Ward

Appleby St Lawrence - Burrells, Colby, Drybeck, Hoff, Scattergate. IN SAME FILE AS:

Appleby St Michael - Bongate & Langton, Crackenthorpe, Hilton, Murton

Asby - Asby Great, Asby Little, Asby Winderwath.

Brough - Brough Market, Church Brough, Hillbeck, Stainmore.

Crosby Garrett - Little Musgrave.


Kirkby Stephen - Hartley, Kaber, Mallerstang, Nateby, Smardale, Soulby, Waitby, Wharton, Winton.

Kirkby Thore - Milburn, Milburn Grange, Temple Sowerby.

Long Marton - Brampton, Knock.

Great Musgrave


Ormside - Ormside Great, Ormside Little.

Orton - Birkbeck Fells, Bretherdale, Fawcett Forest, Langdale, Raisbeck, Tebay.

Ravenstonedale - Bowderdale Angle, Fell End Angle, Newbiggin Angle, Town Angle.

Warcop - Bleatarn, Sandford, Burton

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Westmorland Villages