Appleby in Westmorland - Directory


POST-OFFICE, Borough-Gate, Mrs. Mary Chapelhow, Post-Mistress.

South Mail, arrives 3 morning, departs ¼ past 10 night.

North Mail, arrives ¼ past 10 night, departs 3 morning

Airey Mrs. Julia, Battle barrow

Atkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, matron of the goal, Bongate

Bainbridge Mrs. Mary, Battle barrow

Briggs Thomas, Esq. solicitor; h. Borough gate

Broster Enoch, gentleman, Borough gate

Cairns Robert, worsted & smallware dealer, Low Wiend

Chatterley Wm. Tinplate worker, Moot hall

Clark Mrs. Sarah, librarian to the Book Club, Borough gate

Craig Joseph, farmer, Holme

Dargue John, farmer, Slosh, Scattergate

Darmaley Rev. Abel, Methodist minister, Borough gate

Dent Mrs. Jane, Borough street

Dent Nicholas, Esq. captain and adjutant in the Royal Westmorland militia, Borough gate

Dent Mrs. Maria, Borough gate

Dixon Thomas Cowling, hat manufacturer, Borough gate

Egglestone John, weaver & linen and check manufacturer, Borough gate

Egglestone Joseph, weaver, Scattergate

Elliott Rev. Nathaniel, Methodist minister, School Wiend

Groves Thomas, organist, Battle barrow

Hall George, Esq. solicitor; h Borough gt.

Hammond John, Esq. Friary, Battle barrow

Harrison George, gentleman, Battle barrow

Harrison Miss Jane, Battle barrow

Harrison Matthew, bookkeeper, Bridge st.

Harrison Mrs. Jane, Belle view

Heelis Rev. John, land agent to the Earl of Thanet, Appleby castle

Heelis John, jun. Esq. solicitor; h. Appleby castle

Hewitson Wm. Yeoman, Battle barrow

Higgin Wm. Bookbinder & copper plate printer, Scattergate

Hill John, sen. Esq. Bank foot

Hill John, jun. Esq. Bank foot

Hodgson William, painter, plumber, glazier & brazier, and tin worker, Bridge st.

Howson Thomas, whitesmith, High Wiend

Lidderdale Thomas Robertson, gentleman, Battle barrow

Lockey Robert, schoolmaster, Borough gt.

Milner Rev. Joseph, A.M. vicar of Appleby St. Lawrence, vicarage

Musgrave William, currier, School Wiend

Pattinson John, dyer, Moot hall; h Brough

Perkins John, Esq. deputy lieutenant, Borough gate

Richardson John & Son, stonemasons, High Wiend

Robinson James, toll collector, Burrels gate, Scattergate

Robinson William, farmer, Barrow moor, Scattergate

Rooke Thomas, dancing master, Low Wiend

Rushton Mark, Esq. surveyor of taxes, Borough gate

Rushton Thomas, clerk to Commissioners of Taxes, Borough gate

Sanderson James, brewer; h. High Wiend

Smith Jane, confectioner, Bridge street

Smith John, rope & twine manufacturer, & flax dresser, School Wiend

Stephenson Richard Shepherd, Esq. clerk of the Peace; h. Borough gate

Stephenson Richard Shepherd, jun Scattergate

Tate Wm. King's Head Inn tap, Bongate

Thompson & Atkinson, wholesale & retail tea dealers, Borough gate

Thompson John, flax dresser & baging, &c. manufacturer, Cloisters; house, Morland

Thwaites Thos. Governor of the Goal and House of Correction, Bongate

Warton William, parish clerk and assistant overseer, Bridge street

Winder Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, High Wiend

Winter Richard, sub-distributor of stamps, Doomgate

Wood Mrs. Christiana, Borough gate

Yare Thomas, iron merchant, Doomgate; h. Heights




Dent Miss Isabella, (ladies) Borough gate

Gregson Nicholas, (ladies & gentleman's day & boarding,) Borough gate

Hutchinson George Kipling, School Wiend

Hutchinson Wm. Scattergate

Thompson Rev. Wm. A.M. (Grammar) Low Wiend

Wear Miss, (ladies boarding) Borough gate





Atkinson James, Borough gate

Briggs, Hall & Heelis, (law agents, stewards, & court keepers to the Earl of Thanet) School Wiend

Stephenson Richard Shepherd, (& clerk of the Peace), Bongate 

Weyman Frederick, Bongate





Sargenson John, Scattergate

Sewell Henry, (& pavior) Low Wiend



Robinson James, Doomgate 

Swindlehurst Jane, (dealer in bread) Moot hall

 Thompson Thomas, Battle barrow






Crosby John, Esq. of Kirkby Thore, attends King's Head on Saturdays; (draws on Masterman & Co.) 

 Thompson George, Esq. Borough gate; (draws on Masterman & Co.)





 Robinson John, High Wiend

 Storrow Chpr. Doomgate

 Wilson Wm. Burrough gate






 Campbell Hugh, Scattergate

 Dover Joseph, Bongate

 Johnson Isaac, Battle barrow

 Sampson Richard, Doomgate




 Atkinson Henry, Borough gate

 Sewell Thomas, Cloisters





 Birbeck Wm. Borough gate

 Dixon Charles Jas. Borough gate

Eubank Matw. High Wiend

Graham Thomas, Battle barrow

Sayer Thomas, Cloisters

Scott Wm. Borough gate

Sewell Joseph, Borough gate

Thompson Thomas, Low Wiend





Craig Andrew & Co. Borough gate

Winter & Sanderson Doomgate



BUTCHERS who have stalls in the Shambles 

Adamthwaite William; h. Burrels

Armstrong Joseph, Soulby

Atkinson Wm. Kirkby Thore

Blackett George, Brampton

Close Jervals, Crosby garrett

Dargue Wm. Borough gate

Dodd Thomas, Crosby Ravensworth

Ellwood Michael, Bongate

Hebson John, Hanging shaw

Hodgson Geo. Borough gate

Ion John, Longmarton

Ion Thomas, Murton

Naisbit Cuthbert, Borough gate

Nelson John, Bongate

Nelson Wm. Bongate

Newton John, Bongate

Rudd Thomas, Brackenber

Sayer John, Warcop

Stamper Joseph, Kirkby Thore

Sumpier George, Crosby Garrett

Waistell Wm. Asby


CABINET MAKERS  *** see Joiners and Chairmakers

 Birkett Thomas, Borough gate

 Groves Robert, Borough gate





 Longhorn James, Doomgate

 Parkin Matthias, (and patten maker) Borough gate

 Smith John, Bridge street

 White Thomas, Borough gate





 Birbeck Thomas, Borough gate

 Sewell Wm. Borough street, Moot hall

 Wilson Thomas, Doomgate




 Allinson Edward, Cloisters

Pearson Wm. (and patent medicine vendor) Bridge street



 Smith John, and rope and twine mfr, School wiend

 Thompson John, (& baging &c. mfr.) Cloisters; h. Morland


 Hunter Thomas, Bongate

 Sargenson John, Scattergate

 Wharton Eliz. Scattergate



 Chatterley Eliz, Moot Hall

 Pearson Wm. (glass) Bridge street

 Wharton Thos. Borough gate



Atkinson Jas. Borough gate

Atkinson Wm. Borough gate

Clark Mary, High wiend

Dixon Thomas Cowling, Borough gt.

Hanson & Atkinson, High wiend

Hutchinson Mary & Nancy, Borough gate

Kitching Dinah & Co. Battle barrow

Knipe Wm. Cloisters

Lamb Wm. Borough gate

Ling Jane, Borough gate

Nelson Jane, Borough gate

Parkin Matthias, Borough gate

Pearson Wm. (and British wine dealer) Bridge street

Robinson Philip, (& British wine dealer) High wiend

Taylor Thomas, Bridge st.

Wharton Thomas, Borough gate



Eubank Matthew, High wiend

Fearon Joshua, Borough gate

Groves Thomas, (and hatter) Cloisters






Black Boy, Anthony Moss, High wiend

Black Bull, Geo. Hodgson, Borough gate

Blacksmiths' Arms, Hugh Campbell, Scattergate

Board, Joseph Thompson, Battle barrow

Butchers' Arms, Wm. Dargue, Borough street

Chequers, Wm. Cheakley, High wiend

Cross Keys, Mary Railton, Battle barrow

Crown & Cushion, William Scott, Middle street

Crown & Mitre Inn, and posting house, Christopher Fryer, Borough street

Crown & Thistle, Thomas Lawson, High wiend

Dutch Cow, Joseph Burrow, Scattergate

George & Dragon, Edward Hanson, Borough gate

Golden Ball, Robert Taylor, High wiend

Hare & Hounds, William Dover, Borough gate

King's Arms Inn, Joseph Longrigg, Battle barrow

King's Head Inn, and posting house, Sarah Herd, Bridge stret

Old Crown, Mary Parkin, Borough gate

Queen's Head, John Percival, Bongate

White Hart, John Atkinson, Borough gate




Hanson & Atkinson, High wiend

Pearson Wm. Bridge street

Robinson Philip, High wiend

Wilson Geo. Bridge street

JOINERS, BUILDERS & CABINET MAKERS * = Joiners and Wheelwrights

*Errington Thomas, Low wiend

Groves Thomas & Robert, (and chair makers) Borough gate

*Lawson Thos. High wiend

Robinson John, High wiend

*Steadman John, Borough gate

Storrow Christopher, Doomgate

*Storrow John, Doomgate

*Thompson Jas. Borough gate

*Thompson James, jun (and timber dealer), Borough gate & Battle barrow

Wilkinson George, sen. Borough gate

Wilkinson George, jun. Borough gate

Wilson Wm. Borough gate



Dawson Eliz. Borough gate

Hardy John, (and hatter) Bongate

Sewell Joseph, Borough gate

Warton Wm. Bridge street

MILLINERS & DRESS MAKERS * = Haberdashers; 1 = Straw Hat Makers

Brunskill Margaret, Borough gate

*1 Carr Grace, Borough gate

*1 Dawson Elis. Borough gate

Dixon Elizabeth, Doomgate

1 Dover Hannah, Doomgate

Lamb Frances, Borough gate

Longridge Alice, Doomgate

Richardson Mary, Bridge street



Hamilton Jas, Scattergate

Tardale Wm. Borough gate

Wilson John, Doomgate



Atkinson Thomas, Borough gate

Lamb Wm. Borough gate

Taylor John, (& flour dlr.) Borough gate




Messina Henry, High wiend

Owen Charles Frederick, Borough gate

Raisbeck Wm. Low wiend

Slater Joseph, Borough gate

Steele Wm. Doomgate

Thwaites George, M.D. Borough gate



Cussons Joseph, Low wiend

Graham Wm. Bridge street

Graham John, Moot Hall

Harrison Wm. Square

Sayer James, Borough gate

Taylor Thomas, Bridge st.

Warton Wm. Bridge street




Mawson Ann, (paper) Borough gate

Wilson Wm. (leather) Borough gate



Hutchinson John, Borough gate

Weymis James, Moot Hall

Wilson George, (and silversmith & jeweller) Bridge street


WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTS * = Wine; others Spirit Merchants only

Chapelhow Mary, Borough gate

*Rushton Thos. Borough gate

Teasdale Richd. Borough gate




Royal Mail, to Glasgow, dep. Half-past 10 evng. ; arr. ¼ before 3 mng.

Royal Mail, to London, dep. ¼ before 3 mng.; arr. half-past 10 evng.

The Express, to Penrith and Carlisle, Mon. Wed. & Fri.; dep. half-past 7 evng. And arr. half-past 10 mng.

The Express, to Brough, Bowes, Greta, and Catterick Bridges, & York; dep. half-past 10 mng. ; arr. half-past 7 evng

The Coaches stop at the King's Head Tap, Bongate; and passengers and parcels are booked for the Royal Mail by Mrs Mary Richardson, Bridge street



Harrison, Sowerby, and Kirkbride's Waggons, from Carlisle to Barnard Castle, Stockton, Sunderland, and all parts of the North and South; stop at the King's Head, Tap, Bongate; and dep. for the North Thu. & Sat. 1 o'clock noon; and for the South Mon. & Fri. at 1 o'clock at noon.

Barnard Castle, Crown & Mitre, Christphr. Holliday. - Butchers' Arms, John Thompson. - Golden Ball, John Cleasby. - Crown and Thistle, John Dent, Sat. arr. 9 mng.; dep. 3 aft. *** See also Stockton

Brough and Kirkby Stephen, Crown and Mitre, Joseph Nelson, Sat. arr. 9 mng. Dep. 3 aft.

Darlington. - See Stockton.

Kendal and Orton, Matthew Hind, Low wiend, Mon. & Thu. Dep. half-past 5 mng.; arr. Tue. & Fri. 7 evng.

Manchester, Crown and Thistle, George Hastwell, Sat. arr. 9 mng.; dep. 2 afternoon.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, by Brough, Barnard Castle, Staindrop, West Auckland, Bishop Auckland, Durham, & Chester-le-Street, from the Crown and Cushion, John Young; and from the Hare and Hounds, John Robinson, Sat. arr. 8 mng.; dep 4 aft.

Penrith, Wm. Dover, Hare & Hounds, Tue. And Fri. mng.arr.7 evng. - John Pennington, Square, Borough gate, Tue. & Fri. dep. 1 mng.; arr 7 evng.

Ravenstonedale, Black Bull, Richard Beck. - Crown and Mitre, Jas. Law, Sat. arr. 9 mng.; dep. 3 aft.

Stockton, Barnard Castle and Darlington, John Pennington, Square, Borough gate, Wed. dep. 8 mng.; arr. Thu. 10 evng. - From Crown and Mitre Inn, Thomas Rudd and Richard Dobson, Sat. arr. 9 mng.; dep. 4 aft.

Temple Sowerby, Black Bull, John Brunskell, Sat. arr. 9 mng.; dep 3 aft.


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